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Film Techniques:

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Extreme Long Shot:

Rio De Janeiro,Brazil Extreme Long Shot Is a shot in which the director illustrates a wide scope of a setting


an image that gradually dims until the viewer oversees A black screen Fade


Pan A shot in which a stationary camera turned horizontally revealing new area

P.O.V Shot :

P.O.V Shot A shot that shows what a character is looking at

Reverse Shot :

Reverse Shot A reverse angle shot A shot of an object or person taking in the direction opposite that of the proceedings shot

Safety :

Safety 1923 16 mm amateur film was introduced safety film much less flammable then nitrate was us

Long Shot :

Lorem Ipsum Dolor Long Shot Include the amount of picture within the frame which roughly corresponds to the audience of the area

Aerial shot :

Aerial shot Exterior shot taken from a plane crane or helicopter

Practical :

Practical Special effects produced physically no CGI

The Call:

The Call Listing of which actors would be required for which scenes

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