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Film Terms:

Film Terms By: Zynell Jessup and Caitlin McCann

Depth of Field:

Depth of Field the amount of distance between the nearest and farthest objects that appear in sharp focus in a photograph.

Dutch Tilt:

Dutch Tilt A form of shooting where the camera is set at an angle, it is also known as a canted angle.

Eye Line:

Eye Line When an actor is looking at an object to create a point of view, the eye line is the direction the actor is looking.

180° Rule:

180° Rule Once a line of action has been established between two actors or an actor and an object and the camera has been placed on either side of the line of action, the camera should only be moved in the 180° of that side of the line. Moving the camera around to the other side can make the shot hard to follow.

Tail Slate:

Tail Slate Sometimes a tail slate or end slate is filmed at the end of a take, during which the clapperboard is held upside-down and “tail slate” is called ahead.

Boom Mic:

Boom Mic The Boom mic allows for a larger distances away from the actor while recoding the sound. Also called a "fishpole".

Background Light:

Background Light Used to illuminate the background area of a set. This allows for separation between the background and the subject. The background light is used in the 4-point lighting setup and is directly behind the subject .


Dolly Allows for smooth camera movements. The dolly usually goes down long tracks assisted by someone to film scenes smoothly

Freeze Frame Shot:

Freeze Frame Shot One shot is printed in a single frame several times. This creates the illusion of a still photo

Soft Light:

Soft Light A type of light with a built-in surface to act as a bounce card, providing a indirect, soft light

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