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High angle shot:

Angle of view on the subject as established by the position of the camera. In this case, the camera is looking down on the subject. Usually associated with the subject looking up at another subject. High angle shot

Panning shot:

A shot in which the camera remains in place but rotates horizontally on its axis so that the subject is constantly re-framed. Usually associated with vehicles to make it look like its moving fast. Panning shot

Jump Cut :

A cut that jumps forward within a single action, thus creating a sense of discontinuity. An ellipsis in time without the bridging effect of a cutaway. Jump Cut

Reverse Angle Shot:

A shot taken by a camera positioned opposite from where the previous shot was taken. In a conversation scene, it’s a shot of the second participant. Reverse Angle Shot

Parallel Action:

A device of narrative construction in which the development of two pieces of action is presented alternately so as to suggest that they occur simultaneously. Basically, it’s when a film cuts through two separate events that’s occurring at the same time. Parallel Action

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