Northwest Woodlands

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Northwest Woodlands:

N orthwest Woodlands By: Rio Wilson Victoria Dunaway Heather Kozikowski Kyle Damosh

Northern Paiute:

Northern Paiute Washoe (surrounding Lake Tahoe) ◦Northern Paiute (southeastern Oregon and northwestern Nevada) ◦Southern Paiute (southeastern Nevada, northwestern Utah, tiny portion of northwestern Arizona) ◦Owens Valley Paiute (Owens Valley on the eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada Mountains) ◦Panamint Shoshone ◦Northern Shoshone (southern Idaho) ◦Bannock (southern Idaho) ◦Western Shoshone (eastern Nevada and northwestern Utah) ◦Eastern Shoshone (western Wyoming) ◦ Gosiute Shoshone ◦Ute (western Colorado and central Utah) ◦Kuwaitis (interior southern deserts of California) ◦Chemehuevi (interior southern desert of California, near the Colorado River)


Shelter small and temporary made of: willow poles covered by: brush reeds grass cattails sagebrush pine boughs


Food Food hunted: •Fish •Waterfowl •Rabbits •Deer •Mountain sheep •Ducks •Food gathered: •Seeds •Tubers •Berries •Nuts


Clothing skin breechcloth •double-apron (skin or vegetable fiber) •animal skin moccasins woven yucca or sagebrush bark sandals In winter, they used robes of rabbit fur strips or skin capes men wore simple buckskin shirts


Climate Summer: Hot and Dry Winter: Cold long season


Wildlife Spring: Ducks Fish Summer: Fish Fall: Rabbits


Vegetation Spring: Plant shoots Roots Summer: Berries Rice Seeds Fall: Pinenuts

Paiute Myth:

Paiute Myth The Paiute people believe they came from a single woman that escaped from a giant named Tse’nahaha. Tse’nahaha was a giant that would kill people by looking at them and then he threw his victims bodies in a basket made of thorns on his back. This woman escaped by hiding under a basket, avoiding Tse’nahaha. She set her house on fire and sacrificed her baby in order to escape. She was the only one from her camp to survive.


Origin They believed they came from a single woman that escaped from Tse’nahaha.


Symbolic Tse’nahaha had a basket made out of thorns


Ambiguous Tse’nahaha would kill people by looking at them then threw them in his basket on his back.

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