Independent & Dependent Sentences

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Independent and Dependent Sentences:

Independent and Dependent Sentences By: Alexandra Wujnovich and Colette Martinez

Independent Clauses:

Independent Clauses An independent clause is a group of words that that includes a subject and a verb. It is Independent because it can stand on its own. Example: Alex and Coko are best friends.

Dependent Clauses:

Dependent Clauses A dependent clause is a group o f words that must be supported by an Independent clause. Together they form a complex sentence. Example: When Alex didn’t like the granola, Coko ate it.

Subordinating Conjunction:

Subordinating Conjunction A Subordinating conjunction is a word placed before or after an Independent clause, i.e.- it makes it a dependent clause. Subordinating conjunctions include, Although, after, as, as if, as much as, as long as, as soon as, as though, because, before, even, even if, even though, how, if, in order that, lest, no matter, how, since, so that, supposing, than, that, though, till, unless, until, what, when whenever, where, whereas, wherever, whether, which, while, who, and why.



Sentence Formulas:

Sentence Formulas When creating a formula a capital I represents an independent clause Example: The sentence “Alex and Coko are best friends.” Would be represented as I. A capital D represents the dependent clause. Example: “When Alex didn’t like the granola, Coko ate it.” Would be written D,I.


Commas A sentence that begins with dependent clause will have a comma leading into the next clause. Example: Because Billy ate rat poison, he won’t be attending soccer practice. A sentence that begins with an independent clause will not have a comma leading into the next half of the sentence. Example: Neva ate cookies until the break of dawn.

Additional Examples:

Additional Examples Because drugs are for thugs, people should not use them. (D,I) Alex is despondent because her dog scratched her in the eyeball. (ID) Whenever I leave the room, Coko eats all of the popping corn. (D,I) Coko danced the tango when Alex played that funky music. (ID) As long as it doesn’t rain, we will rob the ice-cream store of samples. (D,I)

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