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Greek Mythology “Circe” Goddess of Magic:

Greek Mythology “Circe” Goddess of Magic English Period 4. By Kelly Howle

Physical Appearance:

Physical Appearance She is a beautiful Greek Goddess She is Female Height 5’7 Blue eyes Long Black Hair

Responsibilities :

Responsibilities Circes is the goddess of Magic & Sorcery She worked with many herbs , drugs & potions She turned many humans into animals with her potions. She purified Argonauts for the death of Absyrtus

Strengths :

Strengths When men are dishonest or hurt Circes in any way, she turns them into animals. Magic is her major strength Loveliest of all immortals


Weakness Circes would fall in love with men too easily. She lets men take advantage of her.

Personality :

Personality Witchy Treacherous Patient Empathy Considerate Supportive

Action Traits:

Action Traits Circes is very patient and considerate of women. Towards men - I f they don’t do as she says or aren't loyal, she has a very witchy attitude. She Turns men into ugly creatures to satisfy her anger.

Circes Family Tree:

Circes Family Tree Circes Father- Helios (Sun God) Circes Mother- Perse (Beautiful and Immortal) Circes Children- Agrius, Latinus, Telegoner

Human Features:

Human Features Looks like a human Has feelings like a human Lives her life a human Has relationships with humans Performs human activities, magic, etc.

Actions to Human qualities:

Actions to Human qualities The way she falls in love with humans. She has Feelings and anger, like when people hurt her and play games with her. Except she gets back at them in drastic ways. Performing magic.

Interesting Myth:

Interesting Myth An Interesting myth about my god is: O nce when Hermes was with Circes, he knew what a witch Circes could be. So before he would fool around with Circe’s games, he made Circes swear to the gods she would not take his manhood by turning him to an animal. So in the end no matter how angry Circes was about Hermes leaving her, she couldn’t use her powers to transform him into an animal.

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