th man of the crowd

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The Man of the Crowd :

The Man of the Crowd Edgar Allen Poe


Setting Time- Edgar lifetime Place- Autumn Season- Autumn Quote- Not long ago, about the closing in of an evening in autumn, I sat at the large bow window of the D__ Coffee-House in London.


Plot Conflict- a young man follows an old, apparently pointless, useless old man. Climax- The man finds the crowd angry and upset Conlcusion - It is concluded that the told man is old and in the way. Quote- “He refuses to be alone. He is the man of the crowd. It will be in vain to follow; for I shall learn no more of him, nor of his deeds.”

Point of View:

Point of View 1 st Person Quote- “And here, long, amid the momently increasing confusion, did I persist in my pursuit of the stranger. But, as usual, he walked to and fro, and during the day did not pass from out the turmoil of that street.”


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