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Tender advertisement in Times of India is the ideal way of actually reaching out to a large number of buyers and contractors based on your requirement in order to provide notice of service, any changes to organization or inclusion of mergers or purchase of the property. A Tender Notice with the Times of India is the fastest way to get the word out there a moment’s notice!


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Tender notice in Times of India  refers to those Ads that are directed towards the contractors or buyers. The private institutions or the Government bodies inform their clients about changes in their policies , rules or any legal clarifications through tender notice Ads. Tender Notice Ads


Classified Ad- These ads have no images only running text. Classified Display Ad- This is the intermediary format; it has provisions for both text and image. There exist constraints to its dimensions. Display Ad- This is one of the most effective yet expensive form of newspaper advertisement . These are ads that can be published on full page or a portion of the page. It has no particular size or page limitation. Formats of Tender Notice Ads


Legal Tenders –  Legal Tender notice ads are mediums of payment that are recognized by a legal system to be valid for meeting financial transactions. Tender Offers –  Tender Offers are a type of public takeover bid in terms of corporate finance. They are public open offers or invitations that are usually announced via a newspaper advertisement. Types of Tender Notice


The Times of India (TOI) is an one of the most popular English Daily in India. TOI is circulated in 38 Indian cities and has a wide readership of 2,716,291 copies daily (Source: ABC 2017). Most of the leading national as well as international companies prefer releasing their tender notice in Times of India . With TOI, one can reach a large number of buyers and contractors throughout the nation within a single publication. The Times of India has made the booking of Tender Notice’s extremely easy, giving you a number of options to choose from based solely on one’s requirements and budget. How Effective is Tender Notice Ads in TOI


Bookadsnow provides individuals with simplified opportunities to  book Newspaper ad , Magazines and Television advertisements. Although  based in Kolkata, we can assist clients throughout India. Our experts personally negotiate lower ad rates for the clients. Our readymade templates allow us to assist the client with the creative layout of the advertisements, even at the eleventh hour. We continue maintaining ties with our clients by providing them with a hard copy of the newspaper and link to the e-paper in which their advertisement is released. Publish tender Notice Ads with Bookadsnow


Select Format:  Chose from the three TOI ad formats. Targeting Options : Chose the target audience for the Tender Notice Ads with the different city centric options available at TOI. Scheduling Dates:  Pick the dates that would be ideal for publishing your  Tender Notice Ads with the Times of India and schedule the same. Payment: Pay for the tender notice Ads with different convenient and easy payment options available at Bookadsnow . Procedure to follow while booking tender Notice Ads in TOI with Bookadsnow


Competitive Rates:  Bookadsnow strives to provide the best negotiable rates to offer when booking public notice ads in Times of India . Reach:  Bookadsnow has the ability to facilitate publishing one’s newspaper ads in a number of cities throughout India like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata,etc . Reports:  One can get reports of the success of their ad campaign with the complete reports along with a copy of the newspaper at Bookadsnow . The Benefits of Booking Tender Notice Ads in TOI with Bookadsnow


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