Personalized Badge Holders and Other Fun Projects for Kids


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Personalized Badge Holders and Other Fun Projects for Kids : 

Personalized Badge Holders and Other Fun Projects for Kids

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Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, you know how important it is to keep children occupied during the summer or on rainy days.

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With a little help and a few simple materials, you can let your children’s creativity run wild, giving your kids hours of endless fun because no one wants to hear the words “I’m bored!”

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From badge holders to board games your kids will never run out of fun things to do. Try these great crafts and games and other fun ideas.

Personalized Journals and Notebooks : 

Personalized Journals and Notebooks Your kids will have a blast decorating the covers of their very own notebooks. Let their imaginations run wild with stickers, markers, paints, glitter and glue to adorn the covers of their notebooks.

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When they are finished decorating, encourage them to write down their own stories or draw pictures of some of their favorite things.

Decorate T-Shirts : 

Decorate T-Shirts You can purchase an assortment of fabric paints at your local craft store and let your kids design their own clothing.

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Make sure you lay down cardboard or a drop cloth to protect tables and floors. If you want, you can even set up a station for tie-dying plain white t-shirts in fun rainbow colors.

Create Personalized ID Badge Holders : 

Create Personalized ID Badge Holders You can purchase lanyards and clear plastic sleeves and let your kids design their own identification cards.

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Ask them to imagine what they want to be when they grow up and help them create an official employee badge. You can cut an old photo for the badge or ask them to draw their faces on the cards.

Board Games : 

Board Games First, if you have old board games that you never play, dig them out of the closet. If you’re out of games or tired of playing the same old thing, have the kids make up their own games.

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Give them a piece of cardboard to make the game board, a die, and ask them to draw and cut out game pieces. You can help them write instructions on the board like, “lose a turn” and “move ahead three spaces.”

Print out Puzzles and Quizzes : 

Print out Puzzles and Quizzes You can print out educational puzzles and quizzes to help keep your children’s minds active and engaged. Make sure you search for activity sheets that are age appropriate.

Family Movie Night : 

Family Movie Night Plan to watch a new or favorite movie with the whole family. Your child can make tickets for each family member for admission to the show. Don’t forget to make lots of popcorn for everyone.

Build a Fort : 

Build a Fort In the recreation room or play room, gather up lots of blankets, boxes, and furniture and encourage your child’s architectural genius.

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You don’t need a lot of expensive toys to keep your kids happy and playing during rainy days and long summers. Whether they make their own ID cards and badge holders or create their very own board game, they’ll have fun. And you probably will too!

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