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The Perfect Guide to Brazilian Waxing A lot of women young and old alike spend a great deal of time self-grooming. This includes shaving the legs armpits and most importantly the pubic area. Most of the simple hair removal methods used such as shaving and depilatory creams hair removal creams tend to be exhausting because of regular and repeated removal as the hair grows back really fast. The Brazilian wax is rapidly becoming a favorite of many as it keeps pubic skin extra smooth and totally hair free for a long period of time. A lot of women swear by it but some also advice to keep away. This can be really confusing especially when considering getting a Brazilian wax for the very first time. Luckily this article will give you all the information you need about Brazilian waxing to help in your decision making. What Is Brazilian Waxing Brazilian and bikini wax are often mistaken for each other but they have a slight difference between them. A bikini wax is the use of hot wax to remove hair from the pubic area. These are hairs that could be visible when wearing a bikini bottom. Brazilian waxing on the other hand removes hair too but with a little extra. Apart from the hair around the bikini line a Brazilian also removes hair around the inner labia and anus where the skin is pretty sensitive. Get brazilian wax in Atlanta today How To Prepare For Brazilian Waxing 1. Clean Up Always take a shower before your waxing appointment. That is pretty clear right 2. Let It Grow. Avoid shaving or any form of hair removal for at least one or two weeks before your waxing appointment. Your hair must be at least a quarter of an inch for the wax to grip it effectively. 3. Medicate. optional Brazilian waxing is a rather painful process. If the potential for pain troubles you you can take a couple of pain relievers like ibuprofen at least 30 minutes before your appointment. This will help take the edge off a little. 4. Relax. Try to stay calm when you go for your wax appointment. Listening to horror stories about waxing or watching videos of people screaming while waxing will only make you tense and anxious thus increasing the potential for pain. Being relaxed lessens the pain. 5. Avoid Alcohol And Caffeine. Consumption of alcohol or a lot of caffeinated drinks before your appointment could cause the pores of your skin to tighten. This will result in a very uncomfortable waxing experience. Things To do And Things To Avoid After Your Waxing Appointment 1. Wear Loose Clothing. Always keep it loose after a waxing. Tight pants or clothing often stick to your skin causing irritation from friction and sweat. They also increase the risk of bacterial infections. You should also wear cotton underwear as they are more comfortable after waxing. 2. Adhere To The 48-hour Rule.

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During the first 48 hours after waxing your skin will be very sensitive and prone to infection. It is best to avoid sex exfoliation exposure to harsh chemicals and ultraviolet rays. 3. Avoid Too Much Heat. Too much heat will aggravate and cause irritation to your overly sensitive skin. It is best to avoid extremely hot showers and excessively hot surroundings such as saunas. 4. Avoid Sweaty Activities. Avoid all vigorous and strenuous activities that tend to make you sweat as sweat will only add to the irritation of your skin. If you still experience some pain or your skin starts to swell after 48 hours you should consult a doctor or a gynecologist immediately. Visit for Eyebrow Threading Eyebrow Threading Service Bikini Wax Facial Service Hair Henna Henna Tattoo Mens Hair style Womens Hair style and service provider in following location like Tennessee MEMPHIS CORDOVA SOUTHAVEN Atlanta.

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