Nine foods that keep your blood sugar low

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Foods keep your blood sugar level low. Today keep blood sugar low not an easy task and no one have spare time to do exercise. In addition, to maintain a healthy food in your daily diet will help you to stay healthy and active. Healthy food also offer the various health benefits to stay away from health disease. Healthy food is important to maintain balance of body and boost our immune system to deal with an illness. So increase the consumption of healthy food it will help you to control the sugar level in your body.


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Peanuts 1)Peanuts have rich in high amount of folate 2) peanuts will help to maintain the fat and carbohydrate 3) peanuts help for calcium absorption and regulate the blood sugar level 4) regular consumption of peanuts will offer to reduce the risk of heart disease


Avocado is a fruit that carries healthy fat It raises the sensitivity towards insulin and lower downs the blood sugar The fruit is rich in dietary fiber will help increase in blood sugar level I ts convenient food helps to lower down blood sugar Avocado

Sweet potatoes:

Sweet potatoes High fiber content food and have low glyceimc value It contains carotenoids antioxidant that help to maintain insulin level sweet potatoes contains high amount of iron will facilities to produce red and white blood cells It has a great source of magnesium


Cinnamons Cinnamons have the ability to reduce the level of bad cholesterol Cinnamon makes the insulin more effective Cinnamon has high source of fiber content and magnesium It helps in maintain the level of blood sugar


Onion 1)Onions has contains flavonoids and sulfur content will help to reduce the high blood sugar level 2 ) It also help to reduce the bad cholesterol level 3) It contains high antioxidant will help to reduce the risk of cancer

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1) Garlic food will help to lower your blood sugar level 2 ) It increases the production of insulin as well as insulin sensitivity 3) Garlic contains antioxidant properties that promote a healthier lipid profile Garlic

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Cherries also contain high antioxidant it will help to reduce the high blood sugar level slowly Cherries are naturally rich in the fiber content and low in calories The rich antioxidant level of cherries aids to protect heart diseases consumption of cherries will reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes Cherries

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It is a healthy substitute of rice for the diabetic’s patient It has ability to reduce level of cholesterol It also significantly help to lower down the glycemic value Barley helps to give the fuller feeling to the diabetic’s patient. Barley

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Lemon is high source of vitamin C It carries limonene and acidic property of lemon will help to reduce the glycemic value like other food it also contains the contains the anticancer properties It also help to lower your cholesterol level best like oats Lemon

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