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Estrus Detection and Synchronization: 

Estrus Detection and Synchronization Bruce Olcott DVM,MS,MBA Winrock Nicaragua 2007

Does Milk Production Affect Estrus Duration?: 

Does Milk Production Affect Estrus Duration?

Does BCS affect Reproduction?: 

Does BCS affect Reproduction?

Estrus Detection: 

Estrus Detection

Bovine Mounting Behavior: 

Bovine Mounting Behavior The cow on the bottom is in standing heat. The cow on top is probably coming into heat. How often do you see this?

Estrus Behavior: 

Estrus Behavior

Mounting Activity: 

Mounting Activity What time of day to cows demonstrate standing estrus?

Estrus – Time of Day: 

Estrus – Time of Day

External signs of estrus: 

External signs of estrus Clear mucus on tail is a signal to check cows for estrus. Rectal palpation should elicit more secretion of clear mucus.

External signs of Estrus: 

External signs of Estrus Mucus with pus. This indicates infection of the uterus, cervix or vagina. The cow may be in estrus. Pus may just be on vulvar hairs.

Clear mucus with blood: 

Clear mucus with blood Metestral blood in mucus. This sign tells you that the cow has ovulated and you are too late to breed her.

Palpable Changes in the ovary during the estrus cycle: 

Palpable Changes in the ovary during the estrus cycle The cow usually has 3 follicular waves. Following ovulation a CH forms followed by a CL. Uterine tone is affected by estrogen.

Ovary Location: 

Ovary Location

Mature follicle: 

Mature follicle

Mature CL: 

Mature CL

CL with large cavity: 

CL with large cavity

CL and immature follicle: 

CL and immature follicle

Palpable signs of estrus: 

Palpable signs of estrus The presence of a CH tells you that the cow has ovulated. This means that you have just missed an ovulation.

Bovine Follicular Waves: 

Bovine Follicular Waves Cows typically have 3 follicular waves. Ovulation occurs following the final wave.

Tail paint to detect estrus: 

Tail paint to detect estrus

Tail head Spray Paint: 

Tail head Spray Paint Spray tail head with easily visible paint. Note signs of disturbance.

Heat detection aids: 

Heat detection aids Mount heat detection aid on tail head of cow. Observe signs of change in indicator dye.

Hormonal control of estrus cycles: 

Hormonal control of estrus cycles

Synchronizing batches of cattle: 

Synchronizing batches of cattle Groups of cattle in estrus form sexually active groups (SAG). This results in more overt signs of estrus (mounts).

Estrus Detection or Timed Breeding?: 

Estrus Detection or Timed Breeding?

Drugs to Control Estrus: 

Drugs to Control Estrus Prostaglandins are luteolytic. They destroy CL’s. This initiates a new estrus cycle.

Drugs to alter estrus cycles: 

Drugs to alter estrus cycles Prostaglandins will also terminate pregnancy in those species that require a CL to maintain pregnancy.

Drugs to control estrus: 

Drugs to control estrus Cervical implantable devices (CIDR)

Drugs to control estrus: 

Drugs to control estrus GNRH Cystorellin Factrel Causes ovulation and leutinization of follicles.

Prostaglandin synchronization programs: 

Prostaglandin synchronization programs

Hormones or Palpation: 

Hormones or Palpation In this study rectal palpation was used in one group to determine the effectiveness of PG.

Synchronization Programs: Targeted Breeding: 

Synchronization Programs: Targeted Breeding Day (-14) Day 0 Heat detection and AI Day (+14) (72-80 hrs)

Synchronization Programs:Modified Targeted Breeding: 

Synchronization Programs: Modified Targeted Breeding

Synchronization Programs: Ovsynch: 

Synchronization Programs: Ovsynch

Synchronization Programs: CO-SYNCH: 

Synchronization Programs: CO-SYNCH

Estrus Synchronization Programs:Presynch-Ovsynch: 

Estrus Synchronization Programs: Presynch-Ovsynch

Ovsynch Vs Presynch: 

Ovsynch Vs Presynch

End of Talk: 

End of Talk

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