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Iron Deficiency Iron deficiency anemia occurs when a person’s body has a low iron level, and this insufficient amount causes a low production of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is contained in red blood cells, and when a person has a low iron level in their body, there is a fewer amount of red blood cells and therefore the oxygen flow in the body is decreased. When the body does not have enough hemoglobin, then it does not have enough oxygen. This is the main and most common cause of anemia. There are many factors which can be the cause of low iron levels in the body. Heavy menstrual bleeding and heavy blood loss in general may be the common cause of anemia. Our body receives sufficient amounts of iron through food, if that intake through food does not exist, then the body becomes anemic. Healthy nutrition is thus very important for people in sensitive conditions such as women in pregnancy and children. There may also exist some inner factors which prevent the body to absorb iron, such as the celiac disease. SOURCE: Iron Deficiency

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The most common symptoms of iron deficiency anemia are: physical fatigue, dizziness, frequent headaches, weak and brittle nails, rapid heartbeat, skin paleness and breathing difficulties. The symptoms of anemia may not be easily noticed in the beginning, but as it progresses through time, they are gradually becoming more noticeable. When it comes to small children, it is even harder to notice the symptoms at first because they are unaware of their condition, but the main characteristics of this condition when it comes to children and their behavior are: - They are easily irritable - They cannot concentrate easily and the development of skills, such as those of talking, comes rather late than usual - Their growth progression is slower than normal SOURCE: Iron Deficiency

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Many people think that iron deficiency anemia is easily treatable and that there is no need for them to consult a doctor for treating this state. This is a delusion. It is of great importance, for the person who suspects of having anemia, to see a doctor. There may be a more serious cause of anemia which can be discovered only by a complete blood count performed by a doctor during medical examination. The doctor will then see how high or low the body’s iron level is. If the doctor discovers low iron levels in the body, then he or she will probably prescribe some iron supplements for the person who has anemia. It is of great importance not to stop taking these supplements even if the person feels better in time. The body needs a larger amount of time for a complete recovery. Iron deficiency anemia may take a more severe form if it is not taken seriously and treated in due time. It is necessary for the body to receive sufficient amounts of iron from proper nutrition and consummation of iron rich foods such as meat, vegetables, whole grain cereals etc. Anemia in pregnancy may easily be prevented by using prenatal vitamins. SOURCE: Iron Deficiency

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