The Great Depression

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The Great Depression Era:

The Great Depression Era Begins October 29 th , 1929

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The Great Depression Era

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Consumer Public relief Relief Federal Reserve New Deal Fireside chat Hoover- villes Dust Bowl

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Consumer - people spending money on goods and services Public relief - the principle of public responsibility for those in need. Relief - help given to the needy for food, clothing, and shelter Federal Reserve - is the central banking system of the United States, an entity with the US government's permission to introduce US paper currency into circulation. New Deal - FDR's plan for economic recovery Fireside chat - FDR's radio messages used to reassure the people during the Great Depression Hoover- villes - shack villages of the Great Depression named after President Hoover Dust Bowl - name given to the dried up plains during the Great Depression

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The Unemployment rate was as high as 25%. That means 1 out of 4 families had NO INCOME at all.

Hardship and worry that was the norm for the times:

Hardship and worry that was the norm for the times

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