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We work in conjunction with various suppliers around the globe in order to ensure that the best products are available for you to bid on. Surplus-Auctions are a Penny Auction website focused on selling industrial equipment.


Presentation Transcript What to expect from an Online Surplus Auctions Site is a web based auction where brand new desirable products sell for prices well below the market rate. Brought to you by Our goal is not to make money on the final price but generate bid revenue; which in return gives you the lowest price. Overall, we would like to provide a great atmosphere for users to enjoy and have fun along with winning great products at low prices. Brought to you by We are the only ones that deal in industrial products as well as offering you the most popular consumer products at incredibly low prices which can go as low as a penny. Brought to you by Brought to you by Our prices on the products are 80-90% lower than their original price tag. Brought to you by We believe in second chances and give a fair amount of them on our website in relation to the amount of the bids that you have placed on an auction that you didn't win. Brought to you by Brought to you by We also want customer retention hence we make sure nobody loses a lot on their bids. Brought to you by In our business, we buy out surplus inventories from companies that have gone out of business or items that were over ordered, or left on a job site. We take these products and put them on our auction for a low price. Brought to you by

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