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Surplus-Auctions are a web based auction where brand new desirable products sell for prices well below the market rate.


Presentation Transcript What you need to know about a Surplus Auction Site We are the first online industrial penny auction site. Brought to you by In our business, we buy out surplus inventories from companies that have gone out of business or items that were over ordered, or left on a job site. We take these products and add them on our auction for the cheapest price. Brought to you by Surplus-Auctions is a unique penny auction site. It is the only website that deals in industrial auctions for only a penny. Brought to you by We are focused on making sure our users are happy. We try to evaluate our bidders and give them a second chance if they lose out on an auction. Brought to you by At, the user pays to participate in the many live auctions where products are going for a very low price. Each time a bid is placed - the timer on the product resets itself by 10 to 20 second. When the timer hits zero, the highest bidder wins the auction. Brought to you by We have been dealing with industrial products for over 20 years. Brought to you by We want to expand within our niche by offering better and more frequent products with low prices and more options to win equipment. Brought to you by Surplus-Auctions is open only to individuals who are legal residents of the fifty (50) states of United States of America and Canada who are at least 18 years old at the time of activity. Brought to you by

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