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Why Playing the Piano is Awesome:

Why Playing the Piano is Awesome Whether you’re new to music or a seasoned musician, playing the piano is an excellent skill to have. If you need reasons to do it, here’s five of them…

1. Playing the Piano is Easy!:

1 . Playing the Piano is Easy! Compared to other musical instruments, the piano is much easier to pick up. The guitar for example, requires some serious practice just to play a single note, let alone an entire song. But with the piano it’s possible to make coherent sounds from the start, by pressing a single key.

2. It Makes You a Versatile Musician:

2. It Makes You a Versatile Musician The piano is an extremely versatile instrument. And the only one that allows you to play multiple notes, simultaneously, with ease. It is also possible to perform songs from all different genres.

3. Gives You Mental :

3. Gives You Mental Piano also works out your brain. Studies have shown that learning to play music, especially the piano, can improve your IQ. Most of these studies have focused on children, but studies on adults prove that they benefit as well. Anyone who has played for a while will have strong fingers. and Physical Strength

4. Improves Confidence:

4. Improves Confidence While learning to play, you will have more opportunities to perform in front of others than you would have otherwise. When you start to receive compliments on your new skill it will boos t your self esteem, making it easier to perform in front of a larger audience when the time comes. Just knowing that you have learned an impressive new skill is enough to give anyone’s confidence a boost.

5. It’s Fun!:

5. It’s Fun! You can easily learn your favorite songs, and then you can play them whenever you feel like it! It’s fun to play popular songs for your friends and family, and it’s even more fun when everyone sings along. You alone can provide the entertainment at a party which is awesome!

If you have always wanted to learn to play piano, don’t wait any longer!:

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