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HDPE pipe is one of the most popularly used type of pipes in Nepal. There is not just one but several reasons behind HDPE pipes being the preferred choice among the Nepalese people.


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Features of HDPE Pipe:

Features of HDPE Pipe BN MAHTO GROUP

Introduction :

Introduction HDPE pipe is one of the most popularly used type of pipes in Nepal. There is not just one but several reasons behind HDPE pipes being the preferred choice among the Nepalese people. HDPE pipes are suitable for use in broad range of piping work such as municipal, industrial, agricultural, mining and other purposes. Not only that, but these pipes have been tested and have been proved to be effective for use in underground, above ground, sliplined , floating, and surfaced applications too.


HDPE pipes also have the lowest repair rate per every mile of pipe when compared with all the other types of piping materials that is used for distribution of various components. High density polyethylene pipes can be used to carry all the types of elements including water, waste products, slurries, chemicals and even gases. In fact, HDPE pipe as long been a beloved choice for use in industries and manufacturing plants. With great strength, durable, flexibility, resistance to chemicals and being easy to install, no wonder why HDPE pipe is chosen by everyone and in every field. However, if you still aren’t convinced about why to use HDPE pipes, here we are listed out the features about why this type of pipe is used so popularly.

Leakage Free:

Leakage Free All types of polyethylene pipes, including HDPE is generally joined by heat fusion based joining methods. All butt fusion, socket fusion, sideways fusion and electrofusion techniques can be implemented in HDPE pipes. Also, all these different type of joints created in HDPE material will give a joint that is just as strong, sturdy and reliable as the pipes themselves. Hence, people who use  HDPE pipe  in their homes don’t have to worry about the leakage from joints in the piping system. Not just that it is leak free, but these exclusive pipe joining methods are actually beneficial from an economical point of view as well. The leak free joints of HDPE pipe can be easily obtained with reduced cost and using less resources.

Corrosion And Chemical Resistant:

Corrosion And Chemical Resistant Polyethylene piping is popular for use even in jobs that normally require the pipe to withstand and perform while facing harsh conditions. It’s use in tough tasks like mining, dredging, and similar other applications proves that it will outwear and outlast most of the other piping materials when transferring a wide range of abrasive slurries. HDPE pipes also offer great resistance against corrosion from various factors like air and water and is virtually inert. Not only does it provide better resistance against corrosive acids, bases and salts than most piping materials, but is unaffected by bacteria, fungi and most of the naturally occurring aggressive soils. Also any sort of additional protection or maintenance is not needed too, which makes them even more effective .

Attractive Flow Characteristics:

Attractive Flow Characteristics All polyethylene materials including HDPE is smoother than other popular piping materials such as steel, iron cast, ductile iron and concrete. Even small size HDPE pipes can carry the volume of flow equivalent at the same pressure. Even at higher flow, HDPE offers less drag which results in lower tendency for turbulence even at high flows. Chemical build is also better in these pipes and its non-sticky surfaces provide eliminates any sort of scaling and pitting offering exceptional hydraulic characteristics and flow throughout its lifetime.

Light And Flexible:

Light And Flexible Not only HDPE, but polyethylene materials as a whole are made up of materials that have about one-eighth density of steel. Hence, making them extremely lightweight compared to other piping materials. This makes HDPE pipes very easy for use and also for installation. People who take on self-do projects can also work on these pipes very easily as no heavy load lifting equipment are needed while operating on it. Due to its flexibility, these pipes also does not generally require use of fittings as much as in pipes made from other materials such as steel, iron cast or concrete.  HDPE pipes  also have excellent soil shifting properties, and is best suitable for use in earthquake-prone areas such as Nepal. Despite having qualities such as being lightweight and extremely flexible, HDPE by no means is a brittle material and is the perfect pipe for used with bends even in uneven terrains.

Ductile And Tough:

Ductile And Tough Polyethylene pipes and its fittings too, are incredibly tough and does not allow much damages to be caused by external loads, pressure and vibration surges such as water hammer. HDPE pipes are even suitable for use in different climatic conditions. Hence their use and performance does not degrade in summer nor winter times and handle all the difficulties along the way in an agile and crafty manner. Usually, pipes are prone to bending and handling, especially in the cold weather, but this is not a problem when using HDPE pipes. If you are residing in an environment which faces drastic cold and warm conditions, this is the perfect pipe for you.

Manufactured Under Nationally Recognized Standards And AWPA Color Coding:

Manufactured Under Nationally Recognized Standards And AWPA Color Coding HDPE pipes are manufactured under all the standards necessary for piping. These standards are also nationally and internationally approved standards. All the standards like AWWA, NSF, ASTF, AGA, EPA, DNR, DOT, API, FM, CSA and all other recognized standard are met while manufacturing a HDPE pipe. Thus, generally HDPE products that are developed are of the top quality . HDPE pipes are also available with different color coding depending on the application the pipes will be used for. This helps in reducing the confusion about which applications the pipes work the best at. 

Available In Different Diameters And Sizes:

Available In Different Diameters And Sizes HDPE pipes are available in every size which makes them perfect for use in every type of conditions. These versatile pipes are accessible in all sizes, smallest to biggest. Available from half inches to 63 inches, HDPE pipes can cover and work well in almost all the piping jobs. Along with wall thickness, flanges, tees, wyes, and valves, gives a perfect piping system solution for all situations. Hence, being better than iron and ductile pipes, these pipes are even available in all sizes that other types of pipes are available, making them more attractive and effective. After knowing all the attractive features of HDPE pipes, it would be silly not to use them next time when your home will need piping services. You can also contact us at  BN Mahto Group  for the best transformers and HDPE pipes in Nepal. Please feel to contact us if you have any queries regarding pipes and transformers too .

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