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The term savanna basically refers to any type of semi-arid land, usually grassland. This type of biome covers more than one quarter of worlds land surface. Brief Description

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Savannas are generally found in the southern hemisphere. They cover almost half of Africa and very large areas of South America, and India. Where are Savannas Found?

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The dominate plant life of savannas are grasses and small plants. Trees are scarce and only grow where there are cracks in the surface or where there is deep soil. The most dominate grass forms are big bluestems and side oats grama. The most dominate wooded form of plant life are thorn woodlands. Flora

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The animals that live in savannas have adopted to much variability in the food supply throughout the year; in the wet season food is usually plenty, and in the dry season there are times when there is almost no water or food. The most popular animals found in savannas include blue wildebeest, american bison, giant anteater, and przewalski’s horse. The most popular birds found in savannas are shrikes, hornbills, grey louries, and flycatchers. Fauna

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The winter season is a distinct, dry season. During this dry season the majority of the plants shrivel up and die and some rivers dry up. The summer season is relatively wet. Savannas get all their rain in the summer months. During this wet season plants are abundant and rivers are usually flowing freely. The annual amount of precipitation is usually between 100 to 150cm of rain. Precipitation

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Supports the largest mammal, herbivore biodiversity on the planet Some of the greatest wildlife scenes are found in savannas. Savannas are very well preserved by the people who live there and by the people who visit them. Interesting Facts

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