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On a Good Teacher

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“Believing in what you teach and teaching what you believe creates a powerful role model for our students.”

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“Student success is “the engine that pulls the train.”  This is at the core and the reason we do what we do.”

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“To be an educator is to be an explorer.  Sometimes you’re the scout; sometimes, the guide; other times, a follower.  You help to point out destinations and how to create the maps to get there.  However, you do not always choose the path that should be taken; that is often chosen by those you teach.  The journey is often a difficult one, but therein lies the satisfaction.”

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“I consider myself to be a "curious character," always analyzing how things function.  This is lived out in the classroom.  I hope that my enthusiasm is contagious in the sense that my students become passionate and curious about their world, especially since physics is a major part of everyday life!”

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“I try to treat all students as adults capable of making decisions about their education. An attempt is made to create an environment that fosters participation in class and in the community; an environment where mistakes, made during honest attempts at success, are seen as valuable learning opportunities.”

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“ALWAYS err in favor of the student. Be a little understanding:  Even if 50 students have told you the same story, give the 51st student the same wide-eyed look you gave the first. Be a little forgetful:  When a student asks you the same question you just heard 30 seconds ago, forget you already answered it.”

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“It is necessary to invest in student interests as they relate not only to the classroom, but also to their dreams and future endeavors. You must practice not only to learn the names of your students, but also to inquire about what motivates them.”

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“The challenge is not for you to pontificate; the challenge should be for your students to interrogate. You must encourage your students to ask you more questions in class than you ask them.”

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“When I stop having fun, then I’ll stop teaching.”

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“In order to be successful in the workplace, you have to be confident and secure in yourself. Those are the skills that you must enjoy developing in your students.”

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“The best tool to inspire students is to share real life experiences. Learning occurs when knowledge is applied in real-life situations. Your role is to connect that gap in-between.”

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“Learning is a journey that takes a lifetime. Inevitably, some will stumble and fall along the way.  Your job, though, isn’t to stop and pick them up but to provide them with the guidance that is necessary to move them from this part of their journey and help them succeed in the next.”

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“Toss it in the air, and let all your ideas for teaching fall on your students. Every student will find something they like. It might be working in groups, role playing, interactive lectures where they teach, or it may be a teacher that allows them to reach for their goals. Motivation for me is a smile, a thank you or a card that says, “you’re a first rate teacher.”’

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“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

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“Believe in simplicity and plain speech. —"Try to see materials through students' eyes.”’

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You teach everyday but the most important lessons you teach are not what comes out of books it is how you live your life and the examples you set in your daily actions, this is what students remember and what they admire most about you. Work very hard at what you do in order to be a positive role model to everyone you teach.”

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A true teacher is inspired and motivated by students learning and achieving goals they thought impossible. Their excitement becomes contagious as they gain confidence and dream of unlimited possibilities.”

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“Know your material; know your students,’ Mutual respect in the student-teacher relationship, a contagious enthusiasm in the enjoyment of science, a high expectation for achievement nurtured by generous encouragement, and the development of critical thinking skills for scientific literacy and global service is teaching at its best.”

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“Teaching developmental math is so much more than teaching math. Teach self confidence and self esteem, also. And quite frankly, since these are important issues .

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“A teacher is encouraged when he/she sees his/her passion of nursing transform the student into a compassionate, competent caregiver.”

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“Education is not simply about stuffing information into students’ heads.  What really matters is enabling people to do something with that information – to analyze it, evaluate it, apply it meaningfully to their own lives.  When students begin to use information, they become confident, engaged human beings.  That is my everyday inspiration.”

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