Wear Blue Sapphire - Neelam - to Bring Raja Yoga in Your LIfe


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Neelam provides the person with farsightedness and helps native to overcome the challenges in personal and professional fields. It also helps native to overcome enemies with ease. A fabulous placement of Saturn in the chart along with wearing of Neelam would bring joy, progress, and ascendance in life.Shani , The God of Justice , can bring royalty and riches in anyone's life suddenly and wearing natural blue sapphire ( Neelam ) pleases Shani Dev immensely.


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Blue sapphire gemstone of the planet Saturn is often considered to be one of the most luckiest gemstones available on the earth.

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It is also being touted about the blue sapphire stone that due to its affiliation with the planet Saturn it emanates raja yoga in its wearer life.

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If blue sapphire suits an individual gives wealth health power popularity in just short span of time.

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Keep in your mind that do not wear synthetic blue sapphire stone because they may not help you obtain astrological benefits.

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Blue sapphire stone will bring raja yoga to you if Saturn exists in the particular houses which are responsible for the auspicious Raja Yoga.

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By bringing Raja Yoga it will let a person foresight his/her future and will resolve all mental conflict and make him/her take right decision.

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It will bring fortune which will help a person excel in all fields such as personal as well as professional.

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