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Wedding Rings & Engagement Rings : 

Wedding Rings & Engagement Rings

Wedding Rings from Israel : 

Wedding Rings from Israel Are you thinking about Jewish wedding rings?

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Today we know there are plenty of alternatives to the solitaire diamond ring

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Between these alternatives you might find special interest in the Ani L'Dodi ring.

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Need help finding a perfect engagement ring? These style-savvy tips will help you find the perfect engagement ring and perhaps give you the inspiration.

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Some of the latest design trends for engagement and wedding rings are bold, yet feminine - many with an art deco influence. Some of the hottest engagement ring looks include:- Geometric, art deco shapes ; Wide "band" style engagement rings that are chunky, yet feminine; -Asymmetrical designs - The use of open-air space within the ring design

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Made out of pure gold or silver and sometimes engraved with love verses from the bible

Bagues Tube Argent : 

Bagues Tube Argent The most popular verse – "Ani L'Dodi V'Dodi Li" – has a special meaning :"I am to my beloved and my beloved to me"

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Rings with verses from King Solomon's Song of Songs, a holy book talking of the special relationship between G-d and the Jewish people as well as between a man and a woman.

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The Two tone ring design is very popular, as well as different textures such brushed finish, spinning rings, Hammered gold

One special type of Jewish wedding rings are gold Kabala rings. According to the Kabala each ring should have a unique shape, being circle on the inside representing the infinity of the marriage yet square on the outside representing the home.

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Every Jewish couple who is getting married is considered as if they have built a ruin of the ruins of Jerusalem. This is the reason why purchasing Jewish wedding rings adds a lot of depth to the celebration.

Wedding rings : 

Wedding rings Jewish wedding ring can be engraved with the moving verse recited by the groom at the wedding ceremony – "If I Forget Thee O' Jerusalem I Shall Forget My Right Arm"

Posy or Poesie rings loved by everyone : 

Posy or Poesie rings loved by everyone

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Are you searching for a unique ring? a ring which is full of meaning and beauty, a ring she is sure to love at first sight?

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