7 Top Benefits of KTC Pure Sunflower Oil

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Ktc Sunflower oil helps in providing cardiovascular benefits. It is rich in Vitamin E and little in flooded fat. The High oleic sunflower oils contain 80% or more monounsaturated fats. Call us now at 020 8965 3859 or visit us at https://goo.gl/w8dcWb


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Blue Mountain Peak 7 Top Benefits of KTC Pure Sunflower Oil Sunflower Sunflower oil is obtained from the pressed seeds of Helianthus Annuus commonly known as Sunflower. It is basically used in cooking as frying oil and also used in cosmetic formulations as an emollient. Sunflower oil mainly constitutes of monounsaturated fat oleic acid 30 of total and the polyunsaturated fat linoleic acid 59 of total. The oil is light amber in colour having mild flavor. It has rich content of vitamin E. KTC PURE SUNFLOWER OIL Benefits of KTC Pure Sunflower Oil 1. Sunflower oil helps in preventing heart diseases Ktc Sunflower oil helps in providing cardiovascular benefits. It is rich in Vitamin E and little in flooded fat. The High oleic sunflower oils contain 80 or more monounsaturated fats. So Sunflower oil helps in lowering cardiovascular diseases and chances of heart attack. 2. Helps in strengthening the immune system Sunflower seeds help in strengthening the immune system. Sunflower seeds also contain selenium which helps your body to fight against certain cancers while also helping our immune system to control cell damage. The Sunflower seeds are a great source of vitamin E which helps in maintaining healthy skin hair and nails.

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Blue Mountain Peak 3. Boosts body energy level The good fatty acid content in sunflower oils helps to maintain a balance in our body. As it does not constitute any amount of saturated fats which helps in controlling the cholesterol level in our body which in turn boosts the body energy levels. 4. Improves skin health and promotes cell regeneration. Also protects the skin against damage caused by sun and aging Among the natural oils Sunflower Oil is one of the best for skin care. It is rich in Vitamin E. As we know Vitamin E’s a top antioxidant. It has shown good results in reducing inflammation and moisturizes dry or sunburned skin. It helps in lessening premature aging signs. 5. Helps in preventing different types of cancer The carotenoids identified in sunflower oil assist in the anticipation of uterine lung and skin cancers. Additionally they supply an excellent resource of Vitamin. 6. Helps in reducing severity of arthritis and asthma As sunflower oil contains more amount of Vitamin E compared to any other cooking oil available in the market it helps in preventing occurring of arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Inclusion of sunflower oil in your daily diet also helps in lowering the risk of asthma. 7. Lowers cholesterol During metabolism the saturated fats found in other oils are tricky to break down. They are then passed to various parts of the human body through the blood and they get deposited there escalating the LDL cholesterol bad cholesterol values. These causes’ health issues like embolism atherosclerosis joint pains and birth defects. As research says that Sunflower oil contains rich amount of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats whose role is to provide energy to our body and thus helping/maintaining an ideal LDL/HDL good cholesterol ratio in our body. Sunflower oil helps in lowering cholesterol level as it also contains lecithin. KTC PURE SUNFLOWER OIL available in different sizes: KTC Pure sunflower oil is available in bottles of 500ml 1ltr and 5ltr.

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