Why You Shouldn't Go Cold Turkey

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https://www.bluecrestrc.com/detox/ | A safe detox is one that is done under the supervision of a team of medical professionals. To set yourself or a loved one up for a successful detox process, working with a medical facility that specializes in just this kind of care is important. With the right resources and knowledge available, the individual can simply focus on making it through this difficult period and coming out on the other side.


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For an individual addicted to one or more drugs detox is an important part of moving toward a brighter healthier future. However many are tempted to take on detox on a DIY-basis. For a variety of reasons this is not a good idea. While it is easy to understand the temptation of just doing this at home it’s a better idea to turn to the help of professionals who are trained in this field. While BlueCrest Recovery Center does not offer outpatient drug detox we can provide referrals.

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• Medical complications can arise during the detox process. Those attempting to detox at home will not have the benefit of immediate care from a medical professional if an emergency arises. • As detox can be extremely difficult – both physically and emotionally – it is possible even likely that the individual will revert to drug use as a way to escape the challenges of detox. • Attempting DIY detox can have a negative impact on those around the addicted individual potentially putting them in harm’s way.

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• As an individual goes through the detox process there are a variety of issues with the body that may need to be addressed – most of them uncomfortable in nature. • By going through detox in a medical facility medication can be used to lessen the withdrawal symptoms and make the overall process safer for the individual. • Beyond medication the advice of a professional can be valuable with regard to nutrition hydration etc.

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• To work toward a successful long-term recovery starting with a medical detox before entering rehab is a smart plan. • The body is going to need to rid itself of the drug or drugs in question before long-term rehabilitation can be possible. • Going through the process of eliminating a given drug from the body while in the care of medical professionals will make it both more comfortable and more likely to succeed in the end.

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• The exact symptoms during a drug detox are going to vary dramatically from patient to patient. • Initial symptoms can begin within hours of stopping drug use. • Relatively minor symptoms may include aching muscles sweating running nose watery eyes etc. • Mood swings sleep problems and more dramatic physical issues may develop as well. • Strong cravings to use the individual’s drug of choice are likely to occur.

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• In the end the goal of detox is to rid the body of the drug so that the individual can move on to a successful rehabilitation process. • The detox experience is not a fun one but it can be made more manageable – and safe – by going through it with the help of medical professionals. • Not only is DIY detox less likely to be effective but it can also be quite dangerous depending on your withdrawal symptoms.

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At BlueCrest Recovery Center we take great pride in the outpatient treatment programs we make available to our patients. Each patient is valued and respected and we work hard to offer the right care to each individual. Whether you need to go through the detox and recovery process or you know someone who does reach out to us to get started. Visit us today at www.bluecrestrc.com

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