Factors That Makes Picture Book Illustrations Successful

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We're covering some important factors that are require for a picture book illustration to get the success it deserve. This brief presentation will help you a lot to understand very basic things that illustration needs to get the attention of the kids.


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Factors That Makes Picture Book Illustrations Successful:

Factors That Makes Picture Book Illustrations Successful


Introduction There are many factors that make picture book illustrations successful. We’re mentioning here some factors that contribute to the success of any picture book illustration and makes a picture book bestseller. These factors may vary for some of the illustration styles and can come as a exception. But these are the major factor widely accepted by the illustrators for the success of any picture book illustrations. Let’s go through them one by one. 2

Illustrations should be colorful and diverse:

Illustrations should be colorful and diverse For any picture book illustration to get famous it is required that illustration should be colorful and soothing to eyes and at the same time, it needs also needs to be varied.  A successful picture books surprise the reader by the art on the next page — whether it’s by using an unexpected image for humor, or using a different perspective. 3

Easy to Identify & Relatable Characters:

Easy to Identify & Relatable Characters For every picture book illustrator, this is important to know that kids love those illustrations that can easily be identified or kids. It’s easy for kids to understand the story if the picture book illustrations are in accordance with the story. This easily helps children’s to relate the illustrations with the story. 4

Humor is also important in picture book illustrations:

Humor is also important in picture book illustrations Funny picture books that take a new/unique look at something old do wonderfully. Children’s usually love illustrations that are funny & fill with humor. For children’s, a bear is cycling is funny hence it doesn't matter whether in reality bear can do cyling . So, while working on illustrations a picture book illustrator should have a different mindset altogether. 5

A strong/unique concept:

A strong/unique concept A picture book illustration needs to be layered enough that it makes sense as a fully illustrated, instead of an easy reader or a short story. The layers come from the internal/emotional problem and the external/physical problem working together so that when the character is actively working towards one goal, they are unwittingly working towards the other as well. The art also has to give us an additional layer to the story, not just show us renderings of the text. 6

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