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Greater Richmond Chorus Prospective Member Guide:

We are a chapter chorus in Heart Of The Blue Ridge Region #14. Welcome! Thank You For Visiting GRC. Web Site: www.grcsings.com Click to Advance Slide G reater R ichmond C horus Prospective Member Guide OUR DIRECTOR


What’s Included Here Our Membership Process GRC At A Glance Our Audition Process Financial Investment Attendance Who Are We What We Do Click to Advance Slide


GRC AT A GLANCE Membership open to all women. 18 & under must have a sponsoring chorus member We rehearse every Monday from 7:00 to 10:00 PM. We sing without accompaniment and memorize our music. We sing and do choreography at the same time. We perform in and around the Greater Richmond area. We compete each year with other chorus in our region. The chorus scoring the highest becomes regional champions and is eligible to compete the following year with other Sweet Adeline choruses from around the world during an International Competition and Convention. Meet Our New Member Coordinator Renee McBurney 804-771-5614, 804-640-5300 rmcburney@hf-law.com Click to Advance Slide Renee will answer your questions and guide you through our membership process.


Membership Benefits Each guest will attend 4 rehearsals before auditioning for membership. You will be given introductory materials and a chance to ask questions to understand who we are, what we do, and our audition procedure. We will give you all the help and guidance you will need to be successful toward joining Greater Richmond Chorus as an official member. Our Membership Process Enhance vocal abilities Build confidence Improve leadership & management qualities Gain lifelong support system Intensify your j oy and passion for singing Click to Advance Slide


Our Audition Process Initial Visit Your voice range will be “tested” to place you in the appropriate voice part. Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Receive sheet music and learning CD for audition song New Member Coordinator will answer questions about the audition song and GRC Discussion and scheduling of practice audition. Practice audition with a quartet from our Music Team Audition to join Greater Richmond Chorus A successful audition is one during which the prospective singer is able to sing her voice part, independently, within a quartet setting. Click to Advance Slide


Total joining fee - $170.00, includes International dues, half of the Regional Dues, & 1 month GRC Dues. Sweet Adelines International Dues $90.00 ½ Regional Dues $50.00 1 Month GRC Dues $30.00 GRC dues for members under 25 - $15.00 per month. GRC Membership - $30/Month = $360.00 per year Costume Rental $50.00-Formal Costume $35.00-Casual Costume Miscellaneous Expenses Equipment–Each member MUST have a recording device:MP3 player , IPhone, etc. Makeup – approximately $30.00 Black Pants – approximately $25.00 Chorus Shoes – approximately $30.00 Fair Share - $125.00 This amount need not be paid out of pocket! Members are encouraged to earn their Fair Share amount by participating in the various Fair Share projects throughout the year. Examples of these projects include: member of Riser Team, assisting with Friday festivities on Brown’s Island, Kroger Cards and several others. Financial Investment Click to Advance Slide


Event Expenses Retreat Weekend - Approximately $65, includes: 2 nights hotel stay – double occupancy $20-$25 per night Saturday dinner is on your own Chorus pays for Saturday lunch Hotel has complimentary continental breakfast. Regional Contest Hotel 2/3 night Stay (quad occupancy) $50-$60 per night Meals International Competition (if we win our Regional Contest) All Events Ticket $150 Hotel Room per 5/6 nights – Quad Occupancy, $40-$60 per night Travel Expenses – varies depending on transportation mode Meals etc. - $20-$50 per day Finances Continued Click to Advance Slide


Attendance Attendance At Rehearsal Attendance is taken weekly. You MUST inform your section leader when you are unable to attend a weekly rehearsal. You MUST request a Leave of Absence through the Management Team for absences of 4 or more weeks. Coaching Sessions One or two all Saturday coaching sessions Conducted by international award-winning coaches in the Sweet Adelines and Barbershop Harmony Societies. You are expected to attend these coaching sessions. Weekend Retreat Held in January, February or March - Friday evening through Sunday morning Takes place at a hotel outside Richmond, but within driving distance We work with an outside coach on our musical package for our spring competition It is a fun, bonding time for our GRC members with a Saturday nite party You are expected to attend this weekend retreat. Click to Advance Slide


Attendance Continued Performances - We perform in and around the greater Richmond area throughout the year. Performance opportunities will be announced at rehearsal or by email. You will indicate your available to sing the performance on our web site. It is expected that you will sing each performance whenever possible, especially if it is on a Monday night. Emergencies and unexpected events do occur that may prevent your attendance from any of the above events. Dates are usually known in advance, so plans can be made accordingly. Click to Advance Slide


Greater Richmond Chorus Who Are We Our 60+ members live in the Richmond metropolitan area including: Henrico Chesterfield Dinwiddie Goochland Hanover Ashland New Kent Prince George We chartered in 1977 We are one of over 500 chapter choruses in Sweet Adelines International Our membership is made up of nurses, secretaries, teachers, doctors, therapists, accountants, and numerous other professions. Other members commute from various communities in Virginia such as: Newport News Virginia Beach Williamsburg Reedsville, Gloucester Vienna Hopewell Click to Advance Slide


Greater Richmond Chorus What We Do We perform in a variety of venues in the greater Richmond and surrounding areas . We perform Singing Valentines during the Valentines holiday. Members organize into quartets and sing in the community. We compete yearly within the Sweet Adelines International Organization becoming Regional Champions 6 times. We compete on the international level within our organization. OUR MOTTO: Everyone All The Time Back to Beginning

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