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We scour the web for the best underground natural remedies for herpes, to help you stop those painful and embarassing outbreaks and get your life back. For every herpes cure breakthrough, you can learn about it here and discover how to use it for yourself, or access it through a health practitioner. At Herpes Cure Breakthrough we also explore ways to live with herpes without letting it run your life or ruin your love-life. To find out more, go to our website at http://herpescurebreakthrough.org and sign up for our cutting edge report: "Seven Secret Weapons Against Herpes That Your Doctor Won't Tell You About".


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DMSO For Herpes Belinda Greenwood

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DMSO For Herpes The Safe Natural Remedy That Your Doctor Is Not Allowed To Tell You About Copyright Notice Copyright © 2016 Herpes Cure Breakthrough All rights reserved. This report comes with giveaway rights which means you may pass this report on to anyone who might want it or need it provided you do not make any changes to the report and provided you do not charge for it. Medical Disclaimer The information in this report is intended for informational purposes only. The author is not a qualified medical practitioner and makes no specific claims about the efficacy of the information provided. While every care has been taken to ensure that the information provided is accurate and taken from reputable sources we cannot take responsibility for the accuracy of the information or how this information may be used. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice diagnosis or treatment. Always consult your qualified health practitioner about your own specific health needs. This publication has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to “diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease.” No health claims are made for this report. The author and publisher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any of the information provided herein. The user assumes all risk for any injury loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by using any information given or referred to in this report. If you do not agree to these terms and express conditions do not read this report. Your use of this report and use of any products or procedures or participation in any activities mentioned in this report mean that you are agreeing to be legally bound by these terms.

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Page 3 Copyright © 2016 http:/ /herpescurebreakthrough.org Table Of Contents Introduction ........................................................................ 4 What is DMSO ....................................................................... 5 DMSO Banned ....................................................................... 7 Is DMSO Safe ....................................................................... 9 DMSO Side-effects ......................................................... 10 How to use DMSO ......................................................... 11 Using DMSO for Herpes ........................................... 13 How can I find out more ............................. 15 DMSO For Herpes

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Page 4 Copyright © 2016 http:/ /herpescurebreakthrough.org Introduction In April 1980 Mrs Vernice Reed a health and nutrition counsellor in San Francisco developed a severe and painful infection in her mouth. In desperation she consulted first her doctor then her dentist. In turn they told her “Sorry – theres nothing we can do to help.” The infection turned out to be herpes zoster or shingles which usually appears as regions of tiny red blisters on the chest and can be extremely painful. When herpes whether herpes zoster or herpes simplex appears on the head and face it can be dangerous as well as painful: the herpes virus can get into the ophthalmic nerve and cause damage even blindness. Mrs Reed had a bottle of DMSO in her cupboard for use as a first-aid remedy and feeling she had little to lose at this point decided to experiment with it. She diluted the full-strength DMSO liquid 50:50 with distilled water and used this mixture to swab her face and mouth and gargle in her upper throat. She did this three times throughout the day and by that evening the pain was gone. The next day she repeated this process adding aloe vera to the mix as a soothing agent and by the following day there were no more blisters. “I didnt need to swab anymore” said Mrs Reed. “My mouth has never had any blisters since.” DMSO For Herpes DMSO For Herpes DMSO For Herpes

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If DMSO can cure herpes zoster what about herpes simplex One doctor Orville J. Davis M.D. has used DMSO successfully many times in combination with vitamin C given intravenously in severe cases as well as applied to the skin. Dr Davis reports the successful treatment of a 58 year old woman who had herpes simplex lesions covering the right side of her head. She was treated with intravenous vitamin C with a DMSO-vitamin C mix applied to the lesions more or less continually. Within 3 days the lesions were gone never to return. There are hundreds of clinical case studies like these and research studies too including many by reputable medical researchers showing amazing results with DMSO for a whole range of medical conditions. But a medical practitioner who offers DMSO as a treatment for any condition other than one bladder disorder – interstitial cystitis – is in danger of having his or her medical licence revoked. So whats the story with DMSO Is it really as effective – and as safe – as the enthusiasts claim Is the FDA the good guy fighting quack remedies – or the bad guy dancing to the strings of Big Pharma Lets pull back the curtain on DMSO and take a look at what it is and how it works. Then make up your own mind. What is DMSO DMSO or dimethyl sulfoxide is a by-product of the wood-chipping and paper manufacture industry. Its extremely cheap to produce and readily available because of its easy production and widespread use as an industrial solvent. First discovered by a Russian scientist in 1866 DMSO was only a laboratory curiosity until the early 1960s when Robert Herschler a chemist who worked for the Crown Zellerbach paper company began experimenting with it. By that time it was known that DMSO had some amazing properties as a solvent and was able to combine with a huge Page 5 Copyright © 2016 http:/ /herpescurebreakthrough.org DMSO For Herpes

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variety of other substances. In 1959 a British group had discovered that DMSO would protect red blood cells and other biological tissues from freezing in sub-zero conditions. This got the interest of Dr Stanley Jacob at the University of Oregon Medical School who at that time was looking for a way to safely freeze human kidneys for transplant. Together they discovered that DMSO had a unique capacity to pass through skin and cell membranes and even more exciting to carry other substances with it for example penicillin. This meant that the penicillin was able to get to where it was needed more efficiently and in smaller doses than either oral or intravenous application. Theres another key property of DMSO that has led to some of its almost miraculous applications. Robert Herschler and Stanley Jacob noticed that DMSO had a drying effect on the skin and decided to experiment with it as a treatment for burns. Not only does DMSO keep the burned skin dry – and so protected from infection – but it can also relieve the extreme pain associated with a burn. And heres an extra bonus: further down the track DMSO is able to reduce scarring and promote healthy skin formation after a burn or injury. Since those first studies DMSO has been found to ● Reduce swelling and inflammation in medical conditions such as arthritis sports injuries tendonitis. ● Assist in the healing of head injuries and cerebral stroke. ● Soften collagen and reduce or prevent the formation of scar tissue. ● Act as an antibiotic anti-viral and anti-fungal agent in its own right. ● Relieve pain and promote wound healing. These properties have led to a host of applications for DMSO in a huge range of medical disorders. DMSO is approved as a treatment for interstitial cystitis which is an inflammatory bladder condition of unknown origin with no other effective treatment available. And though the FDA havent approved any other medical uses there are reports – lots of them – about the effectiveness of DMSO in treating auto-immune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis scleroderma and lupus. Page 6 Copyright © 2016 http:/ /herpescurebreakthrough.org DMSO For Herpes

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There are reports that DMSO may have some therapeutic effect in cases of cancer stroke diabetic neuropathy and Alzheimers disease. And even more cases in which DMSO has been found to successfully treat musculo-skeletal injuries wounds burns and skin lesions. The reports include using DMSO as a treatment for herpes. Well get to that later. But right now youre probably wondering “Why havent I ever heard of DMSO for treating herpes” DMSO banned DMSO has never been totally banned because of its industrial uses. However DMSO was banned for medical use by the FDA in1965 when a woman in Ireland died of an allergic reaction after taking a cocktail of different drugs including DMSO. Though it was never established that DMSO was the culprit it ended up with the blame. Around the same time a toxicology study found that DMSO caused cataract-like changes in the eyes of some experimental animals. There have never been any reports of changes in the lens of any human eye from DMSO but the concern persists. The ban on medical use led to a thriving black market with industrial- grade DMSO being sold from the backs of trucks in Dallas hair salons in Chicago and hobby stores in California. The FDA have since relaxed their total medical ban and clinical trials of DMSO for various serious conditions have been approved since 1966 – though its mostly still not allowed for therapeutic purposes. However in 1970 DMSO was actually approved for veterinary use. Its now widely used for musculo-skeletal injuries and conditions in dogs and horses and other things too. Veterinary grade DMSO is more refined than industrial grade DMSO – no reputable vet would use a toxic substance on a dog or horse. And nor would they continue to use it if it didnt work. Page 7 Copyright © 2016 http:/ /herpescurebreakthrough.org DMSO For Herpes

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In 1978 one lonely medical use was allowed by the FDA: DMSO was – and is – approved for the treatment of interstitial cystitis after a small study showed that it helped reduce the inflammation and pain associated with this bladder disorder. The FDAs reluctance to allow wider medical use for DMSO seems to be due to several things. Its been suggested that its established use as an industrial solvent may have prejudiced the Fed against DMSO and even more the media and public enthusiasm undoubtedly created a backlash of official opinion. Between 1964 and 1983 results from over 1500 medical studies on more than 120000 patients with a range of medical conditions had been submitted for FDA consideration. To date they have rejected all but one – for interstitial cystitis – of the new drug applications submitted for the medical use of DMSO. The Feds stated rationale is that they have not seen any properly convincing double-blind studies showing that DMSO is an effective treatment. Its hard to do double-blind studies on DMSO because of its peculiar and distinctive odour on the breath. Its virtually impossible to disguise who is receiving the DMSO treatment and who is getting the placebo. But to anyone who knows even a little about the FDA approval process its obvious that there is more to it than this. Many new drugs get approval on much flimsier evidence of both effectiveness and safety. A cynic might think that the real reason for the lack of acceptable clinical studies on DMSO could lie in its availability and low price. What sort of profit margin would there be for a pharmaceutical company under these circumstances And what might be the damage to sales of other products if a cheap and readily available solvent were able to successfully treat conditions that they are making huge profits in just “managing” Do you think the FDA are really being objective or are they perhaps being swayed by pressure from the pharmaceutical companies who have their own interests at heart Page 8 Copyright © 2016 http:/ /herpescurebreakthrough.org DMSO For Herpes

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Is DMSO safe Dr Stanley Jacobs has recently passed away at the grand old age of 91. But since 1963 he regularly took DMSO himself – not for any medical reason but “because if any side-effects are going to develop its better that they raise their ugly head in my body than anyone elses.” And Robert Herschler who worked with Dr Jacob in discovering the first medical uses of DMSO stated publicly on Good Morning America that “Compared to aspirin DMSO is a much safer drug. People are killed taking aspirin no-one has ever been killed taking DMSO.” During the same interview the then Director of the FDAs Bureau of Drugs J. Richard Crout MD was the other guest. Dr Crout admitted when asked about the safety of DMSO: “Its really quite safe when put on the skin. I dont believe I would raise scare tactics about when people put it on and use it for a few days.” DMSO has been used medically by doctors and even more by hundreds of thousands of people for home use. Dr Moreton Walker says in his book “DMSO: Natures Healer” that up to that time the book was first published in 1993 “no toxicity has been reported in consumer reports at medical meetings in the scientific literature during the four international DMSO symposia or anywhere else. The approximately 2000 people for whom physicians in medical practice have personally prescribed DMSO have not advised of any serious deleterious reactions.” So what about the woman who died of an allergic reaction in Ireland And what about possible changes in the lens of the eye found in some animal toxicology studies The woman in Ireland was taking several other drugs besides DMSO. The actual cause of death was never established and there have been no other reports of severe allergic reactions to DMSO. As for changes in the lens of the eye: although some refractive changes in the lens were observed in dogs rabbits and pigs who were taking high doses of DMSO over a long period of time 5g/kg over 3 months Page 9 Copyright © 2016 http:/ /herpescurebreakthrough.org DMSO For Herpes

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this was never found in primates and there have never been any reports of eye changes in humans in spite of ongoing concern about this. In fact an exhaustive toxicology study was conducted on human subjects in the state correctional institution at Vacaville California in 1967-68 by Dr Richard D. Brobyn. A group of 45 prisoners volunteered for the study which required them to be coated all over their skin with DMSO over a period of three months and extensive tests were done including on their eyes. No toxic effects were found and it was concluded that DMSO was an extremely safe substance. Moreover DMSO has been used by some ophthalmologists directly in the eye as a treatment for cataracts and other eye conditions and there havent been any ill-effects noted. Yes the treatment helped reduce the cataracts too. Still the caution has stuck and prudent practitioners using DMSO will get their long-term patients to have regular eye check-ups just to make sure. For short and medium term use up to a few months no concerns have been raised not even by the scare-mongers. DMSO side-effects The main side-effect of DMSO is “garlic breath”. Though pure DMSO is tasteless its broken down in the body to dimethyl sulphide which has a distinctive garlic-like odour. Its harmless and most people find the therapeutic benefits of DMSO worth the minor annoyance. Another common problem is skin irritation if DMSO is applied full- strength to the skin. Its generally recommended to start off with a 50:50 dilution because of this and gradually increase to 75 DMSO if it can be tolerated. DMSO should not be used with any blood-thinning medication such as warfarin or even aspirin and for hemophiliacs DMSO should only be used under medical supervision if at all. For those with the opposite problems that is related to blood vessel blockage DMSO can have obvious benefits. Click on this link to read more about DMSO side-effects. Page 10 Copyright © 2016 http:/ /herpescurebreakthrough.org DMSO For Herpes

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How to use DMSO The most common way to use DMSO is to apply it topically. Since DMSO has such spectacular ability to penetrate skin this is the most efficient way to use it in most cases as well as being the easiest. DMSO can be purchased as a liquid the purest form or as a gel or as a cream. The gel has some advantages in being easier to apply but the liquid works out cheapest. Its generally recommended to purchase the 99.9 pure pharmaceutical grade DMSO which you can buy in bulk and then dilute it. You can mix it with distilled water or with aloe vera which helps to counter the slight irritation you might experience with DMSO. Use food quality aloe vera i.e. juice intended for oral use the kind you buy at a health food store. Only make up enough of the mix for immediate use – that is for a few days – because adding aloe vera will reduce its shelf life. Start by diluting the full strength DMSO 50:50 with either water or aloe vera. Test it first on a small area of skin eg the inner elbow to see if you get any allergic reaction. If this is okay then try applying this mixture on a larger area to the part of your body you want to treat. If this is a sensitive area eg mouth or genital area it might be wise to stay with the 50 solution. If you feel you can tolerate a higher concentration then increase it to 70 7 parts pure DMSO to 3 parts distilled water or aloe vera. Page 11 Copyright © 2016 http:/ /herpescurebreakthrough.org DMSO For Herpes Which form of DMSO should I buy The 99.9 pure liquid pharmaceutical grade is the safest and most economical way to purchase DMSO. This one ticks all the boxes and has excellent reviews. … CLICK HERE to read more.

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For use as a topical analgesic a 70 solution is generally used. For deep penetration or use as a carrier with other substances aim for 70-90 which has been found to be the most effective for penetrating skin. For some reason a solution over 90 strength tends to be less effective. Because DMSO is such an effective carrier you need to make sure you wash your hands and the area to be treated quite thoroughly before applying DMSO. Dont apply any lotions or creams within at least an hour of applying DMSO as all commercial lotions and creams contain some preservative and often other chemicals – stuff you dont want inside your body. You can apply DMSO with your clean hands or with a cotton bud or cotton ball depending on the size of the area you want to treat. Be generous about the area you apply it to and trust that it will get to where its needed. Remember that some people use DMSO orally without any ill-effects other than a slight degree of gastric irritation equivalent to the skin irritation you may experience with full-strength DMSO so dont worry about an overdose of DMSO and dont be concerned too much about applying it to a precise area. The DMSO will enter your blood stream and get carried to the place its needed for the most part. Once you apply DMSO you can massage it a bit to encourage absorption and then leave it to dry for about 20 minutes. If you plan to cover the area with clothing make sure its a natural fabric such as cotton or linen and not a synthetic such as polyester or nylon that might react with DMSO. For chronic conditions such as arthritis its recommended to apply DMSO daily over a period of several weeks at least before expecting to notice any benefits. For acute conditions such as a burn or a cut or a lesion apply DMSO 3-4 times per day until the pain goes away. Page 12 Copyright © 2016 http:/ /herpescurebreakthrough.org DMSO For Herpes

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Using DMSO for herpes As well as the general advice given above here are the specific different ways you can use DMSO for herpes: 1 To relieve pain and promote healing of lesions in an outbreak DMSO like most other treatments for herpes works best if its applied when you first notice the warning signs eg tingling and before the lesion erupts. Some people have found that the lesion just disappears before it has a chance to erupt. Most often it will break out but then dry up and heal much faster than previously. You can use DMSO on its own or combine it with any other treatment that you have found helpful such as essential oils. Click here to read about other effective natural remedies for herpes. 2 DMSO as an anti-viral DMSO has been found to be an anti-viral in its own right. It dissolves the outer protein coating of the virus and leaves the core unprotected able to be attacked by the immune system of the host. Thats you Because DMSO has a unique capacity to penetrate nerve cells its able to get right to the hiding place of the herpes virus – and so potentially eliminate herpes from your body for good. But DMSO is even more effective when combined with other treatments. Page 13 Copyright © 2016 http:/ /herpescurebreakthrough.org DMSO For Herpes

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3 DMSO as a carrier With DMSO able to get through the skin and bring other molecules with it a huge potential field of healing opportunities is opened up. The carrier properties of DMSO have led to combination treatments for all sorts of conditions – and specifically for herpes herpes zoster and herpes simplex both of which are related viruses that act in the same way hiding in the spinal nerve roots. One duo that is reported to work is a mixture of DMSO and an anti-viral drug idoxuridine. The combination is more effective than just using the anti-viral on its own and at lower dosage too meaning that there is less risk of side-effects. DMSO has also been used with Vitamin C applied to the skin to treat herpes again with excellent results... as we saw in our story way back in the introduction to this report. And we know that there are other natural substances that are even more powerful anti-virals effective against herpes simplex that are not being promoted – and in many cases are actively ridiculed – because they are low cost and not patentable... read: no profit potential for the pharmaceutical company. Right now were at the beginning of discovering the most powerful ways to use DMSO for herpes. But there are doctors who are defying the medical establishment and quietly using these potent natural anti-virals in their own clinical practice... and getting results for their patients. Not in the United States but in the UK and Europe where natural treatments have a long and respected history of use. Page 14 Copyright © 2016 http:/ /herpescurebreakthrough.org DMSO For Herpes

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How can I find out more If youve read this far youre probably wanting answers... answers that the medical establishment has no interest in sharing. Youre wanting to know which treatment strategies are the most effective... which ones have already been shown to work particularly well in the battle against herpes. Youre wanting actionable steps... a specific protocol that might unlock the secret to a herpes cure. If youre ready to learn more about one of these treatment protocols one that uses readily obtainable natural substances that are safe and simple to use yourself at home then click on the link below: Page 15 Copyright © 2016 http:/ /herpescurebreakthrough.org DMSO For Herpes

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CLICK HERE for more information about underground natural remedies for herpes that really work. http://herpescurebreakthrough.org/ Copyright © 2016 http:/ /herpescurebreakthrough.org

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