How to Launch an ICO Development Project

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Launching your website is required to introduce your token to future contributors. Ensure to create a neat and informative site that loads fast and runs securely with DDoS and hosting protection.


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slide 1: How to Launch an ICO Development Project

slide 2: Many entrepreneurs learn about ICOs through a news article that states “X project raised 100 million USD in 20 minutes.” This misleads them into believing that launching an ICO is a natural alternative to raising capital while in reality it requires a lot of effort and dedication to complete ICO development. Here are four primary phases that are mandatory to launch an ICO. Preparation Come Up with an Idea The first step of launching an ICO is to understand the market and come up with a plan that is based on your experience and understanding. One important aspect to consider before you start your ICO launch services is that the idea of the project should apply to the global audience. Draft Whitepaper A whitepaper is a document that determines the technology of an ICO development company and its blockchain project. The file must provide a detailed description of the system architecture current market data growth anticipations interaction with users and the use of the token. It is advisable to take help from marketing companies to draft an interactive and informative whitepaper. ICO Website Launching your website is required to introduce your token to future contributors. Ensure to create a neat and informative site that loads fast and runs securely with DDoS and hosting protection. Also it is advisable to hire professionals from a reputed ICO development agency to let your ICO website standout.

slide 3: Crowd Funding Crowdfunding is a method to raise capital with the collective efforts of family friends investors and contributors. Every crowdfunding campaign includes parameters such as max cap. min cap. token allocation and campaign duration. Pre-ICO Phase Announce ICO Many websites on the internet list ICOs and rate them for the public. They also allow their members to review the performance of the listed ICOs. Announcing your ICO on those websites with information about the team milestones token distribution and the link to whitepaper helps in marketing. Roadmap A roadmap for the product contains the timeline of the project which includes its Alpha release Beta release public release and future milestones. After the product is developed and tested the ICO development solutions are ready for the public release. ICO Outreach and Marketing Running a campaign for ICO is different than traditional marketing campaigns. During PR and marketing it is essential to keep in mind that your primary focus should be a vision product and ICO development along with promoting your token.

slide 4: ICO Phase Crowd Sale Crowd sale is the heart of the ICO development services. The company sells its token to the public in exchange for money. Similar to pre-sale you can create an incentivized program and reward campaigns to attract investors and increase exposure. Community Support After launching your ICO it is vital to building a community to offer support on different crypto forums and social media platforms so that the target audience is updated with the progress of the ICO. Post-ICO Phase Create a Product Ensure to follow the roadmap after launching the ICO and spend your valuable time on making a secure scalable and robust product on the blockchain. You should have a product which uses the launched tokens. Introduce Token on Exchange The last step is to introduce your tokens on ICO exchanges. Any member of the trade can buy or sell tokens on the open market. After the successful launch of ICO campaign it is important to continue marketing activities to outreach the potential investors.

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