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蒙福主日 17.10.10 讲员:高伟宏弟兄 (Bro. Wei Hong) 主题 :如同一人 Title As One 经文 :出Ex. 17:8-16 Scripture

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1)同心的要诀 The importance of one heartedness i)约书亚的真顺服 Joshua’s submission: v9-10 ii)亚伦,户珥的扶持 Aaron and Hur’s support: v11-12 iii)以色列人的摆上 The Israelites’ sacrifices

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2)同心的结果 The consequence of one heartedness i)争战获得大胜利 Victory in the battle: v13 ii)敌人故此被涂抹 The enemies were annihilated: v14a iii)上帝的应许临到 The promise of God came true: v14,16

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