Reinforcing Effort & Giving Praise

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Reinforcing Effort & Giving Praise:

Reinforcing Effort & Giving Praise EDCI 702 ZA


Objectives At the end of this presentation, you will be able to Understand the relationship between effort and achievement. Show students how to keep track of their effort and achievements. Personalize praise. Use the Pause, Prompt, and Praise strategy.


Overview According to research, utilizing these two strategies when considering students’ attitudes and beliefs, students’ achievement can increase by 29% ( Marzano , 2001) To get a better idea of these two strategies, let’s unpack them, take a look at examples of strategies, and their strengths and weaknesses.

Define Effort:

Define Effort Students do not recognize the importance of effort; however, research shows that students can learn to change their beliefs to emphasize effort. Effort is the means. As a teacher, you should show why putting forth effort leads to better outcomes. Achievement is the end. As a teacher you’ll need to help students understand this difference.

Reinforcing Effort:

Reinforcing Effort What does effort look like? Provide examples of positive famous people who never gave up. Read and/or recommend books about perseverance and overcoming odds. Tell students a story about how you overcame a problem and what you learned from it. Have students share their own stories of effort and accomplishment.



Define Praise:

Define Praise Praise is phrase or acknowledgment of approval or admiration. When given to students, this reinforces their efforts were worthwhile and gives them some sort of incentive to continue to do better. This helps students recognize that their hard work is noticed and appreciated and could give some low performers incentive to work harder.

Giving Praise:

Giving Praise What are some effective ways to give praise? Praise students of specific accomplishments either by verbal or written notes on a hard quiz (ex. Good Job, Great, Excellent, etc.) Certificates of Achievement for performance goals like in reading. Praise notes given discreetly, in a board of pockets, or a note sent home to parents.



Keeping Track:

Keeping Track What are some ways you can keep track of student progress? Have student begin journaling as a way for them to reflect on their day. Have them fill out their own behavior report to see the consequences of their actions. Work with the students to come up with a class rubric for effort and achievement.



Pause, Prompt, Praise:

Pause, Prompt, Praise Pause, Prompt, Praise is a strategy used for reading that helps the student learn a difficult word without the teacher deliberately telling them the word. Pause for 5 seconds to allow the student to work out the word. Prompt them to continue their readings to see if they can determine the word from context. Praise them once they have self-corrected.


Weaknesses Every strategy isn’t without it’s weaknesses though. Avoid g iving poorly constructed or irrelevant compliments unrelated to the accomplishment. Comparing students work to the class. Giving vague instructions for a task. Giving students too difficult of a task to complete leading to the student giving up. Over-praise.


Summary Helping students change their beliefs on effort and achievement won’t be easy but to get them to start thinking about them in a different way, as well as utilizing the different methods for them to document or get recognized for these things can lead to an overall increase in achievement.


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