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You are planning few a new AFF A700 2-node switchless FC solution with two Cisco 9100 switches. Each AFF A700 will have one 16 Gb port Connected to each Cisco 9100 switch and four FC LIKs per physical port. You want to guarantee recovery from connection loss on a NetApp physical port and you are using single initiator to multiple target zoning. What is the minimum number of zones required to accomplish this task A. 8 B. 4 C. 2 D. 1 Answer: C Question No 1:- https://www.exams4sure.net/netapp/NS0-509-exam-questions-dumps.html

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Which tool collects configuration data from hosts and switches to assist in evaluating a qualified configuration A. System Manager B. sysstat. command C. SnapCenter D. OneCollect Answer: D Question No 2:- https://www.exams4sure.net/netapp/NS0-509-exam-questions-dumps.html

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You are provisioning a LUN using an ISCSI initiator on an ESX host. You disable Ethernet flow control for all ports but are experiencing Performance issues. In this scenario which two actions would improve the performance issue Choose two. A. Set the MTU settings 1500 for optimal performance. B. Dedicate your ports to ISCSI traffic. C. Enable jumbo frames across the entire data path. D. Confirm that your host .mil storage polls are connected to a different network. Answer: B C Question No 3:- https://www.exams4sure.net/netapp/NS0-509-exam-questions-dumps.html

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Which data collection tool would be used for obtaining detailed information about hosts that are attached to ONTAP storage A. Upgrade Advisor B. OneCollect C. Brocade Network Advisor D. Conflg Advisor Answer: B Question No 4:- https://www.exams4sure.net/netapp/NS0-509-exam-questions-dumps.html

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Exhibit. Question No 5:- https://www.exams4sure.net/netapp/NS0-509-exam-questions-dumps.html Referring to the exhibit. What are two viable scenarios to test LUN multipathing on Host 1 Choose two. A. Reboot one of the switches. B. Disable one of the FC LIFs on Controller 1. C. Disconnect one of the host cables. D. Reboot Host 1. Answer: A C

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