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If burndown charts are used to visualize progress what do they track A. Accumulated cost. B. Individual worker productivity. C. Work remaining across time. D. Accumulated business value delivered to the customer. Answer: C Question No 1:-

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A Product Owner wants advice from the Scrum Master about estimating work inScrum. Which of these is the guideline that a Scrum Master should give A. Product Backlog items must be estimated in story points. B. Estimates are made by the Development Team. C. Estimates must be in relative units. D. Scrum forbids estimating. E. Estimates are made by the Product Owner but are best checked with the Development Team. Answer: B Question No 2:-

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Question No 3:- Five new Scrum Teams have been created to build one product. A few of the developers on one of the Development Teams ask the Scrum Master how to coordinate their work with the orderteams. What should the Scrum Master do A. Teach the Product Owner to work with the lead developers on ordering Product Backlog in a way to avoid too much technical and development overlap during a Sprint. B. Teach them that it is their responsibility towork with the other teams to create an integrated increment. C. Collect the Sprint tasks from the teams at the end of their Sprint Planning and merge that into a consolidated plan for the entire Sprint. D. Visit the five teams each day to inspect that their Sprint Backlogs are aligned. Answer: C

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Question No 4:- The Daily Scrum is an event that happens every day. What would be three key concerns if the frequency were to be lowered to every two or three days Choose three. A. Opportunities to insect and adapt the Sprint Backlog are lost. B. Impediments are raised and resolved more slowly. C. The Product Owner cannot accurately report progress to the stakeholders. D. Too much work is spent updating the Scrum board before the meeting. E. The Scrum Master loses the ability to update the Gantt chart properly. Answer: A B C

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During a Sprint when is new work orfurther decomposition of work added to the Sprint Backlog A. When the Product Owner identifies new work. B. As soon as possible after they are identified. C. When the Scrum Master has time to enter them. D. During the Daily Scrum after the Development Team approves them. Answer: B Question No 5:-

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