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Here Are Juniper JN0-1101 Exam Questions

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Question :1 What is the name of Juniper’s network management platform A. Junos B. Junos Space C. MX Series D. Juniper Secure Analytics JSA Answer: B https://www.certs4you.com/juniper/JN0-1101-dumps.html

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Question :2 What are two valid reasons to implement a network management solution within your network infrastructureChoose two. A. to increase network visibility B. to eliminate the need for network planning C. to reduce network operating expenditures D. to reduce network capital expenditures Answer: A C https://www.certs4you.com/juniper/JN0-1101-dumps.html

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Question :3 Which three steps are part of business continuity planning Choose three. A. Assess the risks. B. Know your staff. C. Know your network. D. Understand your tools. E. Test the plan. Answer: A B C https://www.certs4you.com/juniper/JN0-1101-dumps.html

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Question :4 You are evaluating an existing network to determine requirements for a network upgrade. In this scenario which statement is true A. A network baseline identifies devices that do not have redundant components. B. A network baseline identifies traffic growth patterns across network devices. C. A network baseline identifies how many users are connected to the network. D. A network baseline identifies the type and level of traffic load on the network. Answer: D https://www.certs4you.com/juniper/JN0-1101-dumps.html

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Question :5 Which three QUESTION NO:s should be asked when performing a business impact analysis Choose three. A. What is the cost of both partial and full outages B. What is the replacement cost of the core switches C. Which functions and services are critical to the company’s survival D. How many redundant data paths are there E. How long could an outage be sustained Answer: A C E https://www.certs4you.com/juniper/JN0-1101-dumps.html

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