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Conditional Sentences:

Conditional Sentences Type two Second conditional

If I had some instruments, I would start a band:

If I had some instruments , I would start a band

If Sara came to Portugal, she would love this beach. :

If Sara came to Portugal, she would love this beach .

Conditional Sentences:

Conditional Sentences First Conditional If Peter needs the money , I will lend it . It’s an open condition , a possible condition . ► It’s possible that Peter needs the money . Second Conditional If Peter needed the money , I would lend it . It’s an hypothetical condition . ► It’s unlikely that Peter needs the money .

First Conditional:

First Conditional If clause : Present simple ( If I have …) • Main c lause : will + infinitive ( will go ) If I have the money , I will go to Angola.

Second Conditional:

Second Conditional If clause : Past Simple ( If I went …) Main clause : Would / Could + infinitive (I would go ) If I went to Africa , I would visit Angola.

It is also possible…:

It is also possible … I would visit Angola if I went to Africa . If we took a bus, we would get to the concert sooner . We would get to the concert sooner if we took a bus.


Practise If Mary _______ ( be ) here , she ___________ ( explain ) the situation . Jack ________ ( not be ) surprised if someone _______( tell ) him the truth . We ___________ (pass) the examination if we ______ (study) hard. If you _________ ( go) to see this film, you ________ (have)a good time. If he __________( practise ) some sport , he __________ (live) longer . She _________(not be) an architect if she ________ (not go)to university. They __________( ring) us if we ________ (give) them our phone number. If we _________( not solve) the problem, we ______ (not get) the prize.

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