Benefits of A/B Testing For Web Designers and Developers

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If you are a web developer or web designer, you would benefit greatly by learning A/B Testing. Check this presentation to learn how A/B testing can be beneficial for you. Read more at


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Benefits of A/B Testing For Web Designers and Developers


What is A/B Testing? A/B or split or bucket testing is a comparative testing technique used by web designers to assess the performance of webpages or applications and see which version leads to more conversions. Users are shown two or more versions of the webpage or app and statistical analysis is run to test which version performed better as per the set benchmark.


Why is it Important? Designers at the Atlanta-based web design firm say that A/B testing helps businesses make the required changes to webpages or apps based on statistical data that can improve user experience greatly. It also helps them understand the aspects that affect user behavior.


The Benefits Of A/B Testing: The Atlanta-based web design company relies on A/B testing to spot the trouble spots in their web designs that can adversely affect conversion rates. The common problem areas generally turn out to be the CTAs (Call-To-Action), visuals used, contact information or navigation. #1 It Makes Troubleshooting Easier


The performance of a website can be assessed by this technique; designers can also make comparative performance assessments between two versions of the same website using Google Analytics tools to test the basic, engaging and conversion metrics. The Benefits Of A/B Testing: #2 Accurate Website/App Performance Assessment


A/B testing is much more effective in enhancing conversion rates as it is based on real data obtained from the target audience. The Benefits Of A/B Testing: #3 More Marketing Opportunities


The Atlanta-based web design firm gets ample room for experimentation to test what works in favor of their target audiences and what does not when it comes to visitor flow, visual elements, layout or text. The Benefits Of A/B Testing: #4 There is Scope for Experimentation



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