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Tips and technique to be a good teacher.


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Faculty Role and Responsibilities and Preparation : 

Faculty Role and Responsibilities and Preparation

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Faculty should read the entire text before conducting the course He can understand the correlation between different chapter He should understand the objective and the entire path or way to it. Complete study of entire course 2 months before is essential

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As per Baba we cannot take paper with us for any speech, we should memorize then to present One should have dare to teach without the help of any paper, book or PPT. So That Voice should be from the heart. It should be with experience and authority as the angel or preceptor

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Out of Negligence and without proper effort if we take support of PPT then what our student will memorize. PPT is mean for complicated picture , models to attract the attention of the student not to support my weak memory or my loose effort We may have a small paper for points and that should be also kept hidden from viewer as far as possible.

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When we look at PPT frequently we loose eye contact. We can understand how Baba teach entire 30000 class effectively without PPT But as our seven days course cannot be taught without pictures and geography cannot be taught without Map similarly PPT is going to help us to show Pictures, model, process.

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With PPT or Paper for reminding us our points one will loose self confidence Eye contact and Ruhani Drishti plays major role to transform to draw their attention to feel confidence in them As far as possible without proper Amritbela do not dare to face crowd you will spoil more than you can add to the process.

Amritbela in Training : 

Amritbela in Training It coordinate mind and mouth, it makes your speech spontaneous It helps to have wonderful Atmic drishti that plays a magic Serve through mind and voice at a time After completing the training sit in quit to fill energy, strength and force in the participants through vibration If your Amritbela powerful whole class will be attentive, silent and there will not be any problems , invariably I have checked Without you thoughts instigate other to create problems, you may suppress them through pressure or threats they will not be receptive, our conflicting mind disturb the Britti

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Be as a Avatarit soul completely Nirman and at Nirban stage These soul need love and liberation one liberated should can liberate other through Drsihti not through word They are fed up with mechanized life, they are being treated more as machine than a man. There is a study of Time and motion where each and every movement required to complete a job used to be recorded and as per it job are assigned to them to complete with stipulated time This is the age of job specialization means repetition of same job by individual

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While speaking quite often it happens a faculty started speaking like tape recorder without understanding the participant or situational factor As tape recorder cannot sense what it is speaking, similarly faculty keep on saying some thing without proper attention while his/ her mind may be roaming here and there Each session is new , fresh and challenging. Quite often this happens while explaining in Exhibition or seven days course we talk about drama , 84 birth as if a recorder without realizing actual paramdham, birth and death process whatever you are speaking realize it be in that state

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Most important be in the class 10 minutes before to check the seating arrangement Sometime seating arrangement may have to change LCD operation, Pen drive or loading of any information Most Important: After the class make note of 5 points what did you learn from the class Make note of examples or new point came to your mind during the class

Role of Faculty Member : 

Role of Faculty Member Do not pay too much attention on one soul, eye should move around as a detached soul You ask the class regarding your presentation and separate question and answer session So that no one can disturb you in between To understand the understanding of the participants before you start the class can ask about their understanding and expectation from this class . Before starting of class can raise a few question to draw their attention or to know their level Can start with a small story.

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Their involvement is the biggest challenge Apply case study method Problem solving method Ask one of them to share or presentation any prepared topic But never loose control from the class Intentionally ask them to make note of certain points that make them active and attentive

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If you are not prepared you may feel that class should be canceled I have seen class used to be canceled or some disturbance happen Baba once do Mansaseva of participant before you face them means while preparing ourselves we automatically emerge those souls. Whole participant can sense something unique experience is going to have in today class

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If you cannot answer something do not confuse or make one fool Honestly express you need a proper analysis. Faculty should have zero expectation Appreciation For any preparation Faculty can never miss Murali Class Even small services teach us many thing regarding team work , ego free life , stretching us beyond capacity and innovation. So as a trainer we should not focus on just reading and research we have to do small task for hand on experience

Surrender I and Intelligence : 

Surrender I and Intelligence Surrender your intellect to God Think Being the Ocean of knowledge Humbleness of God Being highest authority He is the Server Baba is teaching 30000 along with 4 lakhs around the Globe of 70 countries online still egoless

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Sports Walk Biking Listening to good song Enjoy serenity of nature for a moment

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