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Do not easily believe other Do not take shelter or surrender self without knowing the person Without understanding person chracter do not enter into his company without proper care

Be Cheerful and Be careful:

Be Cheerful and Be careful Do not allow the mistake to happen once It is likely to happen twice If it happens twice It will become the part of nature

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Do not trust anyone as a support during the time of crisis, be proactive and prepared Otherwise will lose trust and faith from other

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Do not get attached to anyone Give love and cooperation and forget All are traveler in journey of life , so do not get attached to someone in the middle and forget your destination True love never interfere with your destination rather cooperate. For sake of love or to earn love from other do not forget your duties and responsibilities to achieve your aim, then you will lose both.

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Do not take eating of food with casual approach it affect your body and mind

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Do not try to prove you are truthful , truth has intrinsic power to prove self with time. One needs patience, and confidence to continue undisturbed

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True nature of a person explored when is alone or gets absolute freedom Personal and private life of a person is entirely different

Under and Wonder:

Under and Wonder Do not be suppressed you will be surprised with many unexpected situation Do not be under the evil or any sub standard you will wonder in the life Be surrender and under the Godly principles, rules and person

Do not Depend other for your relaxation:

Do not Depend other for your relaxation Understanding the art of relaxing self In name of relaxation and recreation people will loot you

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crisis and challenges are two best friends in the life The threat of blackmailing or interfering with personal and private life is most threatening factor of entertaining through evil with someone

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Best way to stop self from vices and bad company is confession

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Friends are cooperative , good during the days of childhood , takes care as they become adolescent and youth, You will be surprised by their dangerous and poisonous nature with adolescent and youth age

Life is simple with Honesty and truth:

Life is simple with Honesty and truth Complicated and critical with False

Youth age:

Youth age Is powerful Charming Freedom money But deceiving, not faithful this age need extra care to shape future Do not gets distracted otherwise will not forgive

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