Personality Development


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Develope the inner beauty, develop your innerself


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Personality Development:

Personality Development

Dimension of Perfect Personality:

Dimension of Perfect Personality Pure Pura ( Perfect) Pyara ( Loving) Powerful Protected ( Damaging self innocence , clean and beauty by allowing other negativity, bad news and of self)

Surrender Ego , “I” stands as barrier:

Surrender Ego , “I” stands as barrier Mein, Mein, Mein, Mein………………………….. Goat personality Replacing I with God become LION

Understand the true Innerself:

Understand the true Innerself Inner innocent soul, the diamonds got suppressed by Layers, Layers, Layers Sincerity is the first lesson to wisdom

PowerPoint Presentation:

The way we earn , same way it goes to form future Self satisfaction of repaying back Satisfying from heart

Connecting with self for Future Career:

Connecting with self for Future Career Courage Confidence Concentration Clean Heart Clean Mind Virtues

Values and Virtues:

Values and Virtues Values Virtues principles standards morals ethics ideals Value inner Values ( antrik Mullya ) qualities merits intrinsic worth Virtues( Gunn)

Face Challenges to activate Inner Power:

Face Challenges to activate Inner Power Courage to accept own mistake More Courage required to correct them

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