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Meditation is essential in the life. Read it and apply in the life to get rid of problems, tensions and pain.


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Meditation Endeavour to be a Karmayogi , attach Yoga to Karma not by leaving it

Yog ( Meditation) and Tapasya ( Intense Good Effort):

Yog ( Meditation) and Tapasya ( Intense Good Effort)

Intense Positive Thinking) Tyag ( Sacrifice) Aur ( And) Tapasya :

Intense Positive Thinking) Tyag ( Sacrifice) Aur ( And) Tapasya

Tapasya ( Intense Positive thinking) and Sewa ( Service):

Tapasya ( Intense Positive thinking) and Sewa ( Service)

Tapasya ( Intense Positive Thinking):

Tapasya ( Intense Positive Thinking) Sidhi ( Achievement) Saphalta ( Success) Swashth ( Health) Sayam ( Self Control) Shanti (Peace) Samandh ( Relationship) Sukh ( Happiness) Sudh and swachh man ( Purity of Mind) Santulit ( Balance Life) Santushtata ( Satisfaction/ contentment)

Tapasya Result:

Tapasya Result Sidhhi Swarup Samashya Mukt Santushth Jeevan Rogmukt Life

False PerceptionTapasya:

False PerceptionTapasya Samandh Sampati



What is Meditation?:

What is Meditation? Meditation in understanding self Meditation for self introspection , an inward look Enhance strength, power and to keep hold of self Binding all the nature ,thoughts and emotion together Keeping key of different mental state, happiness, peace, pleasure under own control

State of Mind of Meditation Practitioner:

State of Mind of Meditation Practitioner Stable, calm , energetic, and under self control and strong binding between mind and brain. Thoughts , mind , intellect and brain


Thoughts…. Strong binding between mind and body Alignment of instruction of thought and body impulse Thoughts are continuous, keep on erupting one after other in sequence, in the form of wave and packet it creates whirl and it bounce back As the waves in pond bounce back from boundary Thoughts also bounce back

Thoughts are just like waves a subtle activity:

Thoughts are just like waves a subtle activity As light and sound waves bounce back similarly thought emanating from mind spread around and form ripples It creates an atmosphere , as temperature cool and hot , thoughts also creates fragrance , cool and calm environment Noise of thoughts means harmonious thoughts seems to be a song

Impurity in Mind:

Impurity in Mind Noise of thoughts and pollution of thoughts

Stabilize Mind:

Stabilize Mind Power of Silence Enhance self strength Tolerance Self control Enhance self understanding Can sense a topic beyond visibility

What exactly individual is comprise of:

What exactly individual is comprise of Each and everyone is bundle of thoughts, experience, past memories, knowledge programmed ideas, habits and traits Past experiences may be good or painful Memories are bitter or sweeter Complains are may be towards self or towards other

Thoughts and its Effect:

Thoughts and its Effect Thoughts are beneficial for self other Beneficial for self not for other Beneficial for other not for self Harmful for other as well as self Story of jealousy/ story of spitting/ story of tiger

Thoughts and Goal of Life:

Thoughts and Goal of Life Conflicting desire cause conflicting thoughts The goal and desire of the life should be aligned

Bondage and Thought:

Bondage and Thought Bondage free thoughts , some of the thoughts pull down from flying stage to ground Desires bondages and networking of thought

Steps and Milestones:

Steps and Milestones Started with understanding of self , get a taste of power of knowledge Introspective pull self from out world of worldly experience inner world of peace and tranquility Trying to establish harmony and friendship with self Till date fighting to possess and achieve external factor keeping mind confuse, disturbed and hot and unrest.

In the Search of Unknown:

In the Search of Unknown External achievement at any cost. Disturbed mind disturbed sleep, dream, body and thought process, behavior Mind is in search of something , it is not aware of

PowerPoint Presentation:

As with the power of thought focus easy success in the real world , inspire to focus more. Then enjoy success of concentration of mind and effective utilization of thought energy. Past experience, impression, learning culture contradicting with present system, culture and ideologies cause conflicts. Mind tries to act in opposite direction does not like to accept reality, each time leak certain energy in the process

How Meditation ( Rajyoga) useful in Life :

How Meditation ( Rajyoga ) useful in Life Control of Mood on the friends, relatives, colleague Learning putting theory into practice solve problems Learning and good wishes Power to appraise future with smooth and clear mind Have control over present Mood and expectation Power to adjust with other

PowerPoint Presentation:

Slowly steadily correct self and the weakness and impurity at microscopic level because of weakness similar weak thought waves emanate from source thought it also bounce back or creates reaction or superpose with other thoughts and Thinking is also action subtle

Waste thoughts reason:

Waste thoughts reason Thoughts are being interfered by other’s thought Noise Past bitter experience pull Other state of mind through their behavior Physical well being , health factor


Meditation Disinterest Practice Otherwise you will suffer from scarcity of time Like a diseased or ill person get time for medicine He re who appraise the psychological state understand the urgency find out time for practice

Through practice one can stabilize thoughts:

Through practice one can stabilize thoughts Rope walker how the roadside Banjara walks on the road through practice

Understand the source of positive Energy:

Understand the source of positive Energy Remain Connected with the Supreme Soul and Source all the time and everywhere Supreme Soul , Al Mighty with all the time to face the Almighty evil, equalize self with constant connectivity with Supreme Source. Almighty power will be with you like protective curve

Why all your plan do not get Materialize:

Why all y our plan do not get Materialize God has Bigger and better plan for us sometime we are not aware of it . Like a small ignorant child eating soil , parents try to forbid the child, child out of irritation starts crying.

Connect self with Supreme Source :

Connect self with Supreme Source Allow the God thinking through you. Expand your thoughts, make it broad, expand it to infinity Filled infinite energy of Universe within you. God and good thinking. Be Karmayogi

Empower self connecting self with Supreme Source of Positive energy God:

Empower self connecting self with Supreme Source of Positive energy God Let us infinite energy flow inside us infinite energy of peace, happiness, love and it is purifying the Soul, I am getting Pure, lighter, relaxed and happy

PowerPoint Presentation:

Self realization Concentration Connecting with Supreme

Human Being= Soil + Soul :

Human Being= Soil + Soul


Tapasya Yog & Tapasya

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