20th Anniversary Proposal

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Celebrating 20 Years of Partnership and Progress

A 20th Anniversary Celebration! : 

A 20th Anniversary Celebration! Conferences and workshops for community leaders and students Intriguing and interesting guests and speakers Way of honoring past members and leaders Unique and compelling community event that gives people a reason to come learn about our organization and what we do

November 4, 2010Opening Workshops : 

November 4, 2010Opening Workshops Multiple program tracks Education Civil Society Economics Health Roundtables for city leaders Breakouts for community organizations Focus on interaction and cooperative work between agencies and individuals in the community Possible: Russian development seminar led by Sharon Tennison of the Center for Citizen Initiatives The event begins with a conference and workshops for leadership from the Fox Cities and Kurgan. We will invite the most involved community members from Kurgan to take part in the festivities here, and will use it as an opportunity to develop stronger relationships as we move forward into new programs.

November 4, 2010“Russian Ties” Award Ceremony : 

November 4, 2010“Russian Ties” Award Ceremony Rather than giving out glossy plaques and have boring presentations, we’ll keep the talking time short and make it interesting. The awards will be actual ties, one for each “category,”customized with our logo and the award name. Examples: Suit tie = business partner Surgical mask with ties = health parnter Shoelaces (tied) = youth partnerships Short speeches from a few people from Kurgan and from US, speaking about how the program has impacted their life, telling fun stories and interesting anecdotes Video messages from those unable to attend in Kurgan and in US Historical video summary of all we’ve done Unveiling of new programs and projects Establishment of alumni fund Let’s honor our members, leaders, and partners of yesterday and today with a special awards ceremony commemorating our 20 years. We’ll keep it fun, casual, and informal, with a focus on the relationships and the strong personal connections that have gotten us where we are.

“Russian Ties” Award Example : 

“Russian Ties” Award Example

November 5, 2010Workshops and Conferences : 

November 5, 2010Workshops and Conferences The event begins continues with a conference and workshops for youth and students. We’ll involve local universities and high schools, showing students how to get involved in our projects, connect with Kurgan, and develop skills for their futures. Multiple age levels Elementary/Middle High School University Cultural lessons and demonstrations Video chat with Kurgan youth Presentations about exchange opportunities and communication opportunities Study abroad/teach abroad/research possibilities for university students

November 5, 2010Beet the Borsch Community Event : 

November 5, 2010Beet the Borsch Community Event We need something unique to bring in the community. We need to share the culture of our sister city, bring people together for something they don’t see every day, and make it fun at the same time! Think outside the box! Think Borsch!

Beet the Borsch Community Event : 

Beet the Borsch Community Event “Iron Chef”-style Borsch cooking competition open to anyone in the community Restaurants Academic teams Employer teams Individuals Chefs Anyone! While an emcee’d cooking competition takes place in the center of the room, the outside is filled with presentations, videos, and people to talk to, so everyone can learn about our program! Dinner is provided by the Borsch cooks Awards are given out for the best Borsches Evening progresses with a concert by the UW Russian Folk Orchestra and possible a Sand Artist

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20 More Years to Come

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