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SMRP (Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals) CMRP Exam Dumps https://www.exam4help.com/smrp/cmrp-dumps.html


CMRP Certification The Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP) program is the leading credential for certifying the knowledge, skills and abilities of maintenance, reliability and physical asset management professionals. The CMRP is the only certification program of its kind accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which follows the globally-recognized ISO standards for its accreditation purposes. The test is a thorough examination of a broad scope of expertise measured against the universal standard. It was developed to assess professionals’ aptitude within the five pillars of the SMRP Body of Knowledge ( BoK ), which include: Business & Management, Equipment Reliability, Manufacturing Process Reliability, Organization & Leadership, and Work Management.


Eligibility The CMRP is available to any maintenance and reliability professional, regardless of education background or work experience. Candidates interested in sitting for the CMRP must: Complete and submit the CMRP application Pay all applicable fees in advance Have not sat for the exam within the past six (6) months The CMRP Candidate Guide for Certification and Recertification, found under the CMRP Exam Study Resources tab, contains more information about the exam and eligibility requirements. Exam Fees SMRP members: $300.00 (USD) Sustaining Sponsor employee or U.S. Veterans: $250.00 (USD) Nonmembers: $470.00 (USD)


Sample Question: 1 Preventive Maintenance is defined as: Maintenance tasks, including inspection, service and or replacement, conducted at regular, scheduled intervals of calendar or operating time established to avoid failure based on average statistical anticipated lifetime. There are cautions regarding the application of PM: No more than "A" percent of total failures are time based, wear out, in nature. .... thus. PM is an ineffective avoidance action for about *'B" percent of probable failures. A. A = 20; B = 80 B. A = 40; B = 60 C. A = 60; B = 40 D. A = 80; B = 20 Answer: D https://www.exam4help.com/smrp/cmrp-dumps.html


Sample Question: 2 As the maintenance manager at a new plant (facility) you are developing the maintenance workforce strategy for start-up. Select the best workforce attributes for maximum effectiveness, assuming that unit labor costs are equal? A. An annual bid and selection of a maintenance labor contractor is performed, using unitcosting of tasks normally required. B. A managing contractor is brought on site to handle all aspects and provision of maintenance labor. C. Multi skilled mechanical crafts (trades) and instrument electrical crafts (trades) are hired and developed. D. Operations performing minor maintenance and company multi-skilled technicians performing complex maintenance tasks. Answer: D https://www.exam4help.com/smrp/cmrp-dumps.html


Sample Question: 3 What is the relationship between leading indicator metrics and lagging indicator metrics in the field of Maintenance and Reliability? A. Lagging indicators are measures that reflect accomplishment of goals, while leading indicators are measures of what must be done to improve results. B. Leading indicators are measures that reflect accomplishment of goals while lagging indicators are measures of what must be done to improve results. C. Leading indicators are low level measures that reflect accomplishment of goals, while lagging indicators are measures of what must be done to improve results. D. Leading indicators are used by management, while lagging indicators are used by personnel on the shop floor. Answer: B https://www.exam4help.com/smrp/cmrp-dumps.html


Sample Question: 4 What is the statistical average and the population standard deviation of the following series of numbers? 1.30, 1.25, 1.50, 1.12, 1.35, 1.38 A. Statistical average = 1.32; standard deviation= 0.128 B. Statistical average = 1.50; standard deviation= 0.25 C. Statistical average = 1.32; standard deviation= 1.50 D. Statistical average = 0.128: standard deviation= 1.32 Answer: A https://www.exam4help.com/smrp/cmrp-dumps.html


Sample Question: 5 Which list of elements below are the most important to be evaluated and coordinated during the planning phase of a major shutdown of your operating area (i.e. annual turnaround)? A. Historical turnaround maintenance days, operations desired work list, prior turnaround work lists B. Available turnaround budget, equipment condition, budgeted down-days C. Condition and remaining life of critical equipment, value of production throughput, labor and materials availability and cost D. Heavy lifting equipment availability, labor cost and availability, operations requested down-days Answer: A https://www.exam4help.com/smrp/cmrp-dumps.html

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