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IMPORTANT! All Guests MUST be Loged in as following: The Name of the Person who invited you, followed by your Name Example: Samuel Chen Invited Jenny Goh If you are a Recruit System Member then you NEED to be logged in as: Example: Samuel Chen-KL-Malaysia (sam) (sam = Recruit System Username) (If you have not done so, Please click File & Logout, then Click File again & Login in again with correct info) PLEASE READ THE TEXT IN RED ....and PLEASE TURN ON YOUR SPEAKERS!!!

Congratulations! : 

Congratulations! You have been selected to attend a very special Business presentation that will help you to Improve your lifestyle. The Person that has Invited you will talk to you after this presentation and show you your next step. Turn ON your Focus and OFF your Phone, TV & Children… the following 35 minutes are very important for you to understand how this Work From Home business can change your income and lifestyle. Working with Online Conferencing sometimes the Audio stop or slides changes slow. IF that happens, please just stay patient and you will have a great presentation today.“A bad internet speed is still a 100 times better then a good day in the traffic jam”

Just follow the System! : 

Just follow the System! -Do you like to sit in a Traffic Jam and crowded Offices day in and day out? -No? -Well I did not think so, pay attention now and learn how you can Work From Home Instead. You need: Access to a Computer, A willingness to Learn & A Desire to Work. If you do, Then we will show you a complete System that will allow you to earn enough money to allow you to start to Work From Home much sooner then you think is possible.

People are not Duplicable….Systems are! : 

People are not Duplicable….Systems are! The members of this conference are Successful Because of 2 very Powerful Systems. 1) A complete Work From Home System Powered by RecruitSystem.com 2) A Corporate System Powered by Herbalife International -Unique Products, Unique Marketing plan & Outstanding Leadership. = + + -Web Pages, Presentation, Training, Personal Coaching and International Support + + =

Michael O. Johnson : 

Michael O. Johnson Michael O. Johnson Chief Executive Officer Part of the team that Founded MTV 17 years with and Former President of Disney. CEO of the Year 2005 (MarketWatch) 29 years in business 60 millon satisfied consumers 70 countries World Leader in Wellness No.1 in Weight Management Public Listed in NYSE 2008 Sales: US$3,800,000,000.00+

Medical & Scientific Advisors : 

Medical & Scientific Advisors Mark Hughes Cellular & Molecular Nutrition Lab at U.C.L.A. Dr. David Heber Chairman of Herbalife Medical Advisory Board Director of UCLA Centre for Human Nutrition. Dr. Louis J Ignarro Scientific Advisory Board 1998 Nobel Prize Laureate

The Problem….. : 

The Problem….. According to WHO 70% of all premature deaths are due to: -Heart Disease -Stroke -Cancer -Diabetes 50% of these are diet related. 70% - 80% of all Doctor visits are due to lack of nutrition. Did You Know That: -1/3 of the Worlds population is Overweight, that is 2 Billion Over weight people…and increasing!

Slide 8: 

WHAT DO YOU USUALLY HAVE FOR BREAKFAST? Carbohydrates ( sugars ) based Breakfast = Blood Sugar Level = GOES UP Insulin = GOES UP Extra Sugar Removed and Converted into FAT = FAT GOES UP Protein based Breakfast Carb based Breakfast (normal food)

The Solution….. : 

Lose Weight Gain Muscle Mass Maintain Weight Sports Performance Health, Energy & Vitality The Solution….. 100% Balanced Nutrition Improves Digestion & Absorption Cellular Nutrition It’s all about the results

Product Results : 

Product Results Hear some of the great Product Result Stories from some of our happy product users.

Yen from Malaysia : 

Yen from Malaysia

Feyh Yang - Malaysia : 

Feyh Yang - Malaysia Before Herbalife I used to have Serious Insomnia problem, been using sleeping pills for many year. I consume Herbalife products for losing weight, in my 1st month I lost a total of 4kg and 2.5" off my waist, felt a Great Energy Lift in my 1st week, and after 6months on the product, my Insomnia problem is gone. Been sleeping very well w/o pills for the past 2 years. Thanks Herbalife!

Slide 13: 

On maintenance drugs for more then 20 yrs for chronic sinusitis and colonitis. Corrective surgery every 5 years. Addicted to coffee , lethargic and lazy ? March 2006 Started Herbalife’s Healthy Breakfast program in march 2006. Immediately got more energy & very good reaction on sinuses & colon. Lost 4Kg and 2 inches of the waist in the 1st month. After 3 months on the nutritious-breakfast, I got ride off all my medication (Alhamdulillah!), kicked my coffee addiction and lost 16 Kg and 4 inches from the waist. Now after 3 yrs, thanks to Herbalife breakfast & nutrition program, I have not seen a doctor and I can eat my favorite food and still maintained a healthy and active lifestyle. I am 50 years old and feel 25 alhamdulillah. ? Now ?

Wicaksono – Indonesia / Jakarta : 

After Herbalife. Just taking Shake for breakfast everyday and all Herbalife products, my skin allergies is gone and I lose 6 kg in 14 days. Thanks ! Wicaksono – Indonesia / Jakarta My name is Wicaksono, from Jakarta. I don’t have any problem with weight, but I use to drink 12 glasses of coffee everyday. Maybe because of to much caffein, I have skin allergies for over 10 years.

Connie from Taiwan : 

Connie from Taiwan My name is Connie, Before Herbalife I was always tired, sick and overweight. I started using the products and I got a lot of energy, got very healthy and the best part was that I lost 6 kg and 12 inches in the 1st month. Fantastic!

Tham - Malaysia : 

Tham - Malaysia Lost 8kg in 2 months

Jenny - Singapore : 

Jenny - Singapore I lost 16 Kilos & I've kept the weight off for over 4 years My name is Jenny I have now been using the Shapeworks products for 5 years. In my first 4 months I lost a total of 10kg. Later on I was staying healthy with Shapeworks throughout my whole pregnancy, I was using these products every single day to make sure the baby and I get good nutrition. After that I delivered the baby I lost weight again, this time 16 kilos in 3 months and I am so happy to say that I have now kept it off for over 4 years.

Joanna - Singapore : 

Joanna - Singapore 18.11.04 Less 10kg Less 10kg

Jacky Fung - Malaysia : 

Jacky Fung - Malaysia ?? 107 ?? ?????????3? ????,????? 4???????? 20 ?? ??????,?????? ???????????!

Heiden from The Philippines : 

Heiden from The Philippines Lose And amazing 25kg in his first 2months and a total of 35kgs Heiden from The Philippines

Ryan Chee : 

Ryan Chee

?? - Brian : 

?? - Brian

Harry Shaham : 

Harry Shaham I was doing a 12 weeks body challenge a before and after competition Start taking the products to improve my sport performance By the and of the competition and gain 5kg of muscle and lost 12kg of body fat  Thank you Herbalife

The Herbalife Brand : 

Herbalife International are the Official Sponsor of LA Galaxy The Herbalife Brand

How do you get paid : 

How do you get paid Duplication Royalties (Commission): 5% - 11% on whole Team Revenue 2 Billion Unhealthy People Creates an Enormous Demand for good products that deliver good results. That makes NOW the most exciting time ever to be involved in this industry. Purchase your Personal Products @ 25% - 50% Discount.

Steps To Success : 

Steps To Success $200- $500 $700-$1000 $1,000- $2,000 $2,000- $5,000 $5,000- $25,000 $25,000-$200,000 Income Examples based on Position, Time and Effort Distributor Success Builder Supervisor World Team Global Expansion Team Millionaire Team President’s Team $200+

The Business Results : 

The Business Results Let us share some of our Success Stories from our Team members that have been using our system for a while. After you have listened to this we will explain how you can use our System, so that you also can start to Work From Home! Testimonials

Business Results : 

Business Results Hear from some of our excited partners business success stories.

Feyh Yang - Malaysia : 

Feyh Yang - Malaysia I used to be in the Investment Industry, trade in the Stock Market for my boss. I was paid a very high income monthly but after the stock market crisis, future in that industry didn't look so bright. Started my own businesses because i don't want to work for another boss/company that pays me only a couple of thousand ringgit. But unfortunately traditional business is not as fun as i thought and profit margin is not as great. I found this website while browsing the internet for better opportunity. Started off part-time working about 6 hours in a week, i earned an average of RM2,500 per/month in my first 4 - 5 months. I felt great and decided to learn more about this Work From Home system. I started off last year(2006) part-time, now i decided to do this full-time because i see the bright future with this biz opportunity and company. By following the step by step system provided, my average monthly income now is RM4,000++ and i believe it will increase in the next 6 months.

Jason & Mabelle - Philippines : 

Jason & Mabelle - Philippines At age 22 Jason used to work as a Computer Applications Specialist earning P7.500/month. After a couple of trainings still working very part time after office hours he earned P20,000. “It didn’t take me long to resign from my job & fire my boss” says Jason today! Mabelle was working in the pharmaceutical field and was looking for part time work. By her second month she earned P10,000 with her “Work From Home Business” and also resigned from her P5,000 a month salary having spent 6 years at college to become a Pharmacist! Now working their Work From Home business together, around their small kids, traveling & enjoying a great lifestyle. From over P200,000 a month at age 26, they made their 1st MILION Pesos and last year earned over P1.5 MILLION Pesos & they’re just getting started!

Jonathan – Malaysia : 

Jonathan – Malaysia ???“??????”??,??????????, ???????. ??2006?5???????????????, ??????????, ????????RM1700. ?????????RM8,000. ????????????????, ??????????????,??????!

Wicaksono – Indonesia / Jakarta : 

I use to work in the Bank with salary Rp 3 juta (US$ 326) per month and I need some money (extra US$ 100/mth) to get married.My 1st week in Herbalife, working part time I earned Rp 4,2 juta (US$ 456). My 1st month I earned Rp 11,2 juta (US$ 1220) and thas was 7 years ago. 2003 start to Work From Home, quit my job and last month with this incredible system I made Rp 21 juta (US$ 2290). This year, my income will jump 3x ! Thanks Herbalife and RecruitSystem ! Wicaksono – Indonesia / Jakarta

Brian - Malaysia : 

Brian - Malaysia ?! ??Brian Wong,???????????????????????????????????????,??????????????????Herbalife???????????,????????????????????????????????2007??5??????Herbalife????????????,??RM1200,??????RM7000!?????,????????????RM10,000??! ??Herbalife!

Darren & Pei Li - Malaysia : 

Darren & Pei Li - Malaysia I was a programmer before I found this work from home system. Pei Li was working as a customer service executive in a bank. We are always looking for better opportunities. We learnt about the work from home system through a newspaper advertisement. With the step-by-step training system provided, we have made RM1700 part time income in our first month into the business. After 2 months we went full time. It had been 2 years now and our average income per month is more than RM10000. This is just getting started!

Eugene & Yen – Malaysia : 

Hi! We are Eugene and Yen Wong from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We migrated to New Zealand in 2003 and found the WFH business in 2005 while searching for something on the Internet that could help a family member’s health situation. Eugene was a Business and I.T. Manager and Yen a lecturer, we did the business part-time in New Zealand. When Malaysia was going to open we decided to pack up in New Zealand and return to Malaysia to build our business. We’ve been doing this business full-time since February 2006, and so been able to earn monthly over RM10.000 and the company sent our family for a full-paid vacation to the Maldives - 5-star treatment! We are assured that as long as we work and follow the system, we will be able to achieve our dreams in the very near future. The best thing about the WFH business is being able to introduce it to our family, friends and even strangers, and having them see their future and health secured with this great opportunity. Eugene & Yen – Malaysia

Deb Biswas - Kolkata : 

Deb Biswas - Kolkata I was working as an accountant when and started part time with this company. My main interest was to have a great health and to earn some extra income of rs.4000 a month. I lost 14kg with these products and earned rs.4150 on my first day of operation. Then the training and support system helped me to create a vision for the possibility of roaming around the globe, work from home staying with the family, make my dreams come true, learn personal development and get rich. I have already visited abroad for many times now, qualified for top achievers in business within 6 months after I became full timer, got my earnings up to RS100,000 / monthly (USD2500) . Many of my early dreams came true already. Now we can help many more people to succeed with us in this opportunity.

Sangram Prusty - India : 

Sangram Prusty - India My name is Sangram Prusty from Kolkata (INDIA) got started with the business opportunity 7 and half years back, when I was working in Merchant Navy and looking for an Opportunity to work from home and spend more time with my family. My wife lost 15kg weight and I gained 8kg by using the Products. Our First cheque from the company was 100$, within 1 year my income reached 2500$, within 18months my income reached over 4000$. Now we are living in a Luxury Apartment driving my own car while working from home and enjoying the Business. Thanks to Herbalife and the Online RecruitSystem

Dr. Idros Abd Hamid (Malaysia) : 

Dr. Idros Abd Hamid (Malaysia)

Yann – Hong Kong & KL : 

Yann – Hong Kong & KL Before I started this Work From Home business I was a professional hairdresser I enjoyed my job but knew there was no long term security. I get to know about this System through my friend. I started sharing with a few of my salon customers, I quickly earned US$1200, I decided quit my job, 100% committed to this Work From Home Business, I can work with who I want, when I want and how I want. Right now my income is up to US$ 15,000 over the last 90 days. Best of all, I have the freedom to travel and have fun whilst building an international business and being my own boss at age 28!

Jeffrey & Connie - Malaysia : 

Jeffrey & Connie - Malaysia I used to be working as a teacher and Connie as an accountant. We had serious financial problems, no free time and we couldn't see the future. We found this website, and our lives dramatically changed. Starting off part-time, in our first month we earned an extra US$300.00 working only 4 hours per week. In our sixth month by just following the step by step system, our income had reached US$3,000 per month.Now, we travel the world, have a lot of free time,work from home and our income over the last 90 days was just over US$26,000Life couldn't be better!

Peter Svensoon – UK & Sweden : 

Peter Svensoon – UK & Sweden Hi Peter Svensson here,At the age of 28 I traveled to Tokyo, taking Japanese classes in the mornings and Teaching English to kids in the afternoon, everything was fine, except I was very underweight and I was just making enough money for the basics in life. By that time I was introduced to this Work From Home System, thanks to the products I gained 15 kg (from 52 to 67kg), over the next 4 years I making a good part time income and on the 5th year the business really took off and wow, my income grew from a few hundred dollars a month to 2000US$ - 5000US$ a month and in my 6th year my income rose to over 10000US$ - 15000US$ a month!A farm boy from Sweden, with no skills except what I learned along the way, Yes growth can come quickly, but it took me five years to build that base. It has allowed me to do many great things, I am free to travel, take time out, I lived 2 years in Spain, (just 150m from the Mediterranean beach). I now live in the most beautiful country side I ever seen, 1 hour West of London.This Business really gives us the freedom of choice. All the best in Health Peter

Angelo Locher – Kuala Lumpur : 

My name is Angelo from Switzerland. I’ve being working in the IT Line for 13 years and already had a good income. A friend asked me if I like to earn part time the same money as I’m earning full time. I got very excited and attended a similar business presentation.! After my first training I quit my Job in my 3rd Herbalife month and became fulltime in Herbalife. Now, I’m over 13 years in business, travel around the world, having a great Lifestyle and my average Income is over US$10’000 Angelo Locher – Kuala Lumpur

Gina Clifford-Holmes – South Africa : 

Gina Clifford-Holmes – South Africa I was a housewife and mother with 3 small children when i got started in the business almost 13 years ago. I only had office admin experience and had never worked for myself before. I loved the fact that the company had a step by step system and would train me every step of the way.I got a great product result, losing 19kgs and gaining incredible energy, I love to travel and Herbalife has given me the freedom to be in 6 countries this year, from the Philippines, Malaysia, UK, USA, Canada and Dubai. I don't have to ask my husband for money, this is my business and I can work the hours I like, buy I car I like and do it around my family and build an international business that is now in 21 countries.All I know is that if the company can teach me to grow my business from $500 profit in my 1st month to $5000 per month and still doing it part time, then i know anyone can do it. Thank you Herbalife!

Clint Grimberg – Penang : 

Clint Grimberg – Penang Before starting with Herbalife I was working many different jobs just to earn money for university. I answered an AD about working form home & got to know more about Herbalife. I had very little money but I knew that if I didn’t take a chance in getting started I would never know if the opportunity was really going to work for me. In the first month I made RM1,800+ just working 1 extra hour a day. By just following the step-by-step system and never missing a training I was making over RM20,000 PER Month by the age of 21 and last month my income reached (USD10,000)

Samuel & Jenny – Singapore : 

Samuel was retrenched from his job as a Regional Manager with a well-known Sporting Brand. With 4 children, Samuel & Jenny found themselves on just one income. Both were looking for ways to earn more money when they were introduced to this Work From Home business. Samuel took advantage of the opportunity. He started to learn more about the business, he began to share the opportunity with his friends and family. During this time, Jenny was still working, managing two retail fashion outlets, and was calling her contacts whenever she had time. Seeing the opportunity to make more money to pay off their debts, Jenny decided to quit her job and join Samuel full-time with the Work From Home business. With in the first year they built a stable income around US$8,000/monthly. Both Jenny and Samuel had a simple dream… they wanted a long-term stable source of income and more time to spend with their family. They never imagined it was possible until they found the Work From Home business. Samuel & Jenny – Singapore

Miti and Shai Nafte - Malaysia : 

Miti and Shai Nafte - Malaysia Miti was a Software Engineer, trying to run her own business in L.A. California. Stressed & tired. she ended up in a USD50,000 Bankruptcy: Stressed & Broke! She learned about the opportunity from a distant relative. She started to follow the international support system. Shai, a university graduate, answered an ad in the newspaper. Within 6 weeks he earned an extra income of USD1500 cash!  “We locked arms and built a business around the world.Today we earn over USD20.000 per month“

Bjorn Froman - Malaysia : 

Bjorn Froman - Malaysia Hello there, my name is Bjorn, back in Sweden I was working 3 different jobs each for 1000USD per month, getting absolutely no where. I got very Interested in this Work From Home System. It took me 3 years of hard and dedicated work to get my monthly earnings to reach 10.000USD. Last month I earned 21.000USD. Thank to this Work From Home System & The Code of Honor the business will go crazy this year. I am very happy and excited!

Francis & Marisa Taye - Singapore : 

Francis & Marisa Taye - Singapore Francis & Marisa Taye - Singapore Francis is a native Singaporean and was in the business dealing in golf equipment for over 20 years in Thailand. During the financial crisis, he lost all that he had built and had to move back to live in Singapore. To earn a living, Francis was driving a taxi to keep the family going. In April 2003, Francis and Marisa learned about this Work From Home business and started doing the business part-time. In a period of five months, they were able to earn an income that pays over US$10,000 per month. They are now able to work from home, spend more time with the kids, and have the freedom to do the things we enjoy doing. Francis says, "We are so thankful that this opportunity is available in Singapore & Malaysia. Looking back at where we were before this Work From Home business and now, it is unbelievable! We are just getting started and know that we can help many others with this opportunity."

Eric Depp - Malaysia : 

I signed up as a distributor in June 1990 when I was a student , however it was in Oct 1990, after attending a training, that i got serious about the business. I started using the products everyday and never felt better. In Aug 1992, i became GET Team, In 1993, just 4 months after attending the Extravaganza event in Barcelona, i became part of the prestigious Millionaire team . By then, My hard work was paying off and many of my dreams had started to become realities: vacations, cruise, car, lifestyle etc… In the last 18 years, I have traveled to many countries around the world. I am very proud of working with Herbalife and my team and feels very lucky to have found this company when he was still young on age. Now as a President Team member, I intend to concentrate on helping others realize their dreams and I thanks this company for having developed such products which allow everyone to have this incredible opportunity ! Last 2 years being on holiday ¾ of the year, the company still paid me almost 200.000 usd each year Eric Depp - Malaysia

Craig & Doris Jones – Hong Kong : 

Craig & Doris Jones – Hong Kong Craig Jones, of the UK, had been living in Hong Kong for nearly six years when he discovered the Work From Home System through a newspaper advertisement in 1992. At that time, Craig was broke, having been "downsized" out of several positions. It was difficult for him to find a good job without speaking Chinese. Craig tried to go into business for himself, including direct sales, but ended up losing his life savings. Doris, his wife, had worked in a hotel in Taiwan for a decade, but left to be with Craig in Hong Kong.Craig discovered that the Wellness Industry had great potential, so they decided to launch their own new found business. Then, just two days after their wedding, Craig attended an international Work From Home training and their lives were changed forever. "That was a turning point," Craig says. "We are so grateful for our success, not only health and income beyond our wildest dreams, but also travel, friendships, a great lifestyle and especially a secure financial future for our two young sons, George and Christopher."

A Step-By-Step Support System : 

Team Trainings Focus Group Trainings Online Trainings via: Local Trainings (HOM) Regional Trainings (STS) Worldwide Trainings A Step-By-Step Support System

Local “Live” Support System : 

Local “Live” Support System Malaysia - Penang, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Sibu & Kuala Lumpor Singapore Thailand - Bangkok, Chiangmai Philippines - Manila - Sibu Indonesia - Jakarta India – Kolkata, New Delhi, Bangalore, Mubai and every Major Indian City Europe South Africa USA Australia & New Zeeland

Get Started as a Distributor : 

Get Started as a Distributor Get started with your International Business Pack (IBP) Your Coach will inform you how to start, the startup cost is 100 - 150USD Part time or Full time Work From Home Minimal Investment No Employee Costs New Exciting Ideas! Step by Step Coaching

Personal Recruit & Retail Page : 

Personal Recruit & Retail Page - Get your own identity on the World Wide Web- Let your web page do the work for you while you are at work- Automated follow up system

Slide 56: 

Kuala Lumpur Singapore Jakarta Since you help me over there, I will help you over here.

Your Online Office : 

Your Online Office - Gives you the freedom to work from where you want, when you want.- Access your Recruit & Retail Prospects- Access the OnlineHOM/Training and ask Team Code of Honor for support.

It Works for us! It Will Work For You Too! : 

It Works for us! It Will Work For You Too! Will YOU Work? The Products Works! The MarketingPlan Works! Over 29 Years. Over 60 Million Customers No. 1 Weight Mgmt Company Over US$ 3.8 Billion in 2008. Highest Payout in the industry Proven in 70 Countries. NYSE Listed.

Now it is Time To Decide : 

Now it is Time To Decide CALL BACK the Person that Invited You to this Online Presentation and they will Show you how you can be part of this Work From Home System. We wish You Good Luck and will see you Online again soon!

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