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As you may know by now, thinking over RPA use cases is our favorite solution for holding on to the positive facts about automation, while not getting carried away by the insights drawn from a whole plethora of positive statistical data. This time, we’ll be pondering some robotic process automation use cases in Customer Service, Finance, and Human Resources. Robotic process automation brings out a lot of benefits in different industry niche as it supports high-frequency manual, repetitive, rules-based processes, which are critical for an appropriate service. So, here are some of the real-world RPA use case examples that are being leveraged by the industry leaders.


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3 Amazing Examples of Real Life RPA Use Cases R o b o t i c P r o c e s s A u t o m a t i o n 0 1

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0 2 Robotic process automation brings out a lot of benefits in different industries as it supports high-frequency manual repetitive rules-based processes which are critical for an appropriate service. So here in this presentation we are going to discuss some real-world examples of RPA use cases that are being leveraged by the industry leaders. Introduction

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C u s t o m e r S e r v i c e F i n a n c e H u m a n R e s o u r c e 1 . 2 . 3 . 0 3 Industries Using RPA

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RPA Use No. 1 Customer Service RPA is being used to automate many tasks in customer service or support desks. These can include incident management user administration billing queries updating records and a lot more. 0 4

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Real Life Use Case Customer Service A European IT Managed Service Provider was running support services for their client. And the company had to handle a large number of calls approximately 15000 calls a month spending a lot of time in the 1st line of the support team.  They deployed RPA solutions. the organization got a team of virtual workforce that we’re able to complete the tasks in less than 50 seconds which means an 83 reduction in execution time. 0 5

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RPA Use No. 2 Financial Services RPA helps in bridging the gap between different applications present in the legacy system. Even though there are many system implementation software such as SAP and Oracle but they fall short in processing and integrating micro- level tasks. 0 6

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Real Life Use Case Customer Service Royal Bank of Canada the largest financial institution in Canada is using smart chatbots for more than a year to improve customer service.  Also the Guardian Group has also embraced RPA technology in their processes and have seen early success in their journey. The technology has enabled them to calculate copy paste access or use existing business rules to handle use and feed data into the core enterprise application. 0 7

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RPA Use No. 3 Human Resource 65 of HR professionals see Robotic Process Automation as an operating model play enabling the introduction of a digital workforce. RPA has a lot of potentials that can revolutionize the entire HR industry bringing in a ton of efficiency and a faster return-on-investment. RPA can be used to reduce the majority of the repetitive tasks that consume the time of the full-time equivalents FTEs. 0 8

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Real Life Use Case Human Resource At UiPath People Operations Team automated aspects of the on-boarding process for new employees. The paperwork was previously being filled out manually by one person taking up much of the individual’s time that could have been spent on more valuable work. CHROs know that an HR department wants to offer a digital and easy experience. “The task was replete with copy-paste activities. Furthermore the new Bot also completed the onboarding paperwork in one-sixth of the time allowing HRs to focus more of their time on Corporate Social Responsibility attract talent Initiatives enhance a company’s reputation and increase employee retention. 0 9

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Conclusion The list above illustrates some of the business processes that if passed on to robots can help companies to work more efficiently while at the same time reducing operating costs. The RPA use cases in different processes sketch an assistant profile that promises to lead towards reaching your business targets. The use of RPA illustrates a humanistic person-centered approach to doing business where people really matter. 1 0

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