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A debt based fund agreement that is provided to the business rather than to a customer. Commercial loans are short term loans that can be renewable and be used to finance a company’s working capital needs


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Helping Small Businesses Grow…

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2012 - Entrepreneur.com Top Small Business Finance Resource 2011 - Crain’s Top Entrepreneur Biz2Credit: Who we are 2 Funded over $750 million to date Over 1,100 lenders on our platform, including 50+ micro-lenders Have direct reach to our network of over 1.6 million SMB’s


There is a fundamental problem in the market today SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS BANKS & OTHER LENDERS LACK OF TRANSPARENCY 3 What product is best for me? Where do I go? Am I getting the best rate? Process too cumbersome How do I find good borrowers? How risky are they? How do I retain customers? How do I manage declines? Process too cumbersome

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Biz2Credit is the solution for Small Businesses 4 Current Market: ------------------------------------------ With Biz2Credit: Lender A Lender A Lender C Lender B Lender D Lender B Lender C ?

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Commercial loans-Definition Commercial loans- A debt based fund agreement that is provided to the business rather than to a customer. Commercial loans are short term loans that can be renewable and be used to finance a company’s working capital needs. Commercial loans are for short term, secured or unsecured and are advanced for financing equipment, machinery or inventory. Due to expensive costs and prices of equipments, small businesses do not possess the capacity to fund their capital expenditure. Small business owners are in need of commercial loans when they are in the business of real estate.

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Types of commercial loans Commercial Mortgage -This type of loan is available when the property that is being financed is used as collateral Bridge loan- This loan provides the borrower with an instant cash flow in order to finance the immediate requirements of a project. Participating Mortgage- In a participating mortgage, the lender shares the profits that are generated from the property or the real estate along with the interest and mortgage payment. Joint venture loan- This loan is offered when all the parties are equally responsible for profits and losses of the property. Commercial construction loans- This type of loans are provided to improve constructions on commercial properties such as buildings, warehouses, shopping centers etc. Other types of commercial loans- There are other various types of commercial loans available with various lenders, customized to meet the needs of various commercial establishments.


What Biz2Credit has to offer Commercial Loans Commercial Loan Packaging Commercial Loan paper work Property Appraisal Title Verification

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Process to get loan approvals faster with Biz2Credit Tell us about your business- In order for the loans to be processed, the lenders would like to know what your business is, They will want to know your business and understand how you are planning to run it. Hence we would require you to tell us about your business in detail. Get the perfect match- Based on the information provided, Biz2Credit gives you the best, real time options among its lenders numbering more than 1200. Through its online platform which is both safe and transparent, you just need to upload the documents and Get matched by lenders looking to fund businesses such as yours. Choosing the best loan - In less than 5 minutes you would be able to know the list of lenders interested to provide you loans based on your requirements. In consultation with our experts we will help you choose and recommend loan options and lenders that best suit your needs according to your size and type of business .

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Benefits you have with Biz2Credit Biz2Credit with more than 1200 plus lenders and $800 million in funding, we help you connect with the right lender to build your business. Through our online and transparent platform you get to choose your lender in less than 4 minutes. With various programs customized to help your business needs, Biz2Credit is your perfect online partner. -10% off on Business plan report -50% off on Equifax credit report -Free consultancy and free registration -95% repeat customers with 74% loan approval rate Start up loan funding from $5,000 to $ 1 Million Biz2Credit has preapproved lenders which consist of banks, credit unions, micro lenders, CDFIs, VC’s and alternative lenders. We also provide services to those borrowers who need assistance throughout the lending process, helping you take the right decision for your business.

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