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Bitcoin Apps :

Bitcoin Apps  That Every Bitcoin User Needs To Know About

What is bitcoin?:

What is bitcoin? Bitcoin is something which is becoming increasingly popular and, as such, other technologies are starting to adapt to and build around the online currency that’s been making all the buzz lately. We’re going to talk about said technologies, specifically in the mobile world. That’s right, apps. Who would’ve thought, There are many different apps involving bitcoin which are used in different ways and can be placed into certain categories. So for the ease of reading, that’s what we’re going to do. Let’s take a look at the two most important categories which anyone with a smart phone and a couple of bitcoins should have in their arsenal.


Trading The first, and maybe most important category would be apps which allow you to spend and trade bitcoins, as that’s what currencies are all about, right ? As an IOS user, my first, and only choice in the world of bitcoin trading apps would be Coin Pocket. This is an all in one app in terms of bitcoin trading. For starters, it gives you your very own wallet, and as such makes this a good starting point for anyone just entering the world of bitcoin. On the homepage of the app your current balance is displayed in bitcoins, but with a simple press of a button your balance can also be shown is US dollars . The best part about this app is that it’s absolutely free.

Bitcoin news:

Bitcoin news I’ll address the IOS users first then let you Android users get in on the action once again. But first of all, what are these “bitcoin news” apps all about? Do you really need them? Well, no. But you should . These apps allow you to (obviously) check up on the current news revolving around bitcoins. Sure, it’s not THAT important. But what is important about these apps is that they also keep up to date information on the value of bitcoins. With the way the value of these things have been flying up and down lately, this is information that you may want to stay relatively up to date on . If you do a search in the iTunes App Store, you’ll find many apps fitting the above description. I’ve taken the liberty to do some research, try them out for myself, and pick the app which has everything you really need. It also just so happens that I stumbled upon another free one . Now for Android. The app which (I feel) reigns supreme above the other in its category is called Bitcoin Widget. Once again, Bitcoin Widget isn’t just for bitcoins. 

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