changing concept of business

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Changing concept of business:

Changing concept of business

What is Change?:

What is Change? Make or become different To alter Change is something that presses us out of our comfort zone. It is uncomfortable, bcoz changing from one state to the next upsets our control over outcomes.

PowerPoint Presentation:

No matter how adaptable you think you are, you must have seen at a least a few situations in your life where change scared you. Maybe it was changing homes. Maybe it was the change of school. No matter what changes you’ve undergone , we all know that dealing with them can be frightening. Your business is no different

Abraham Lincoln :

Abraham Lincoln Failed twice in business and was defeated in six state and national elections before being elected president of the United States.

Theodor S. Geisel:

Theodor S. Geisel Was rejected by 23 publishers. The 24th sold six million copies of the first “Dr. Seuss” book.

One we hear a lot:

One we hear a lot It’s always been that way around here. It’s tradition

Why Change Fail?:

Why Change Fail? Allow too much complacency Unable to build a team Underestimate the power of vision Under communicate the vision Permit obstacles to stand in the way Fail to create short-term wins Declare victory too soon Fail to anchor new approaches

8 Steps to Major Change*:

8 Steps to Major Change* Establish urgency Create a coalition Develop a vision & strategy Communicate the vision Empower broad-based action Generate short-term wins Consolidate gains & produce more Anchor new approaches *Adapted from Leading Change by John P. Kotter

#1 – Establish Urgency:

#1 – Establish Urgency What is our current reality? Got SWOT? Why is it important?

#2 – Build a team focused on the vision:

#2 – Build a team focused on the vision Put together a group able to lead change effort Get the group to work like a team

#3 – Develop a Vision & Strategy:

#3 – Develop a Vision & Strategy Vision directs the effort Strategies are how you’ll get there Vision should Guide decision-making Prioritize action

#4 – Communicate Change Vision:

#4 – Communicate Change Vision Communicate constantly Your team must model the behavior

#5 – Empower action:

#5 – Empower action Get rid of obstacles Encourage risk-taking and creative ideas, activities & actions

#6 – Generate short-term wins:

#6 – Generate short-term wins Plan for visible improvements in performance, or “wins” Create those wins Visibly recognize & reward people who made wins possible

#7 – Consolidate Gains & Produce More Change:

#7 – Consolidate Gains & Produce More Change Use small wins to go farther Recruitment’s impact

#8 – Anchor New Approaches:

#8 – Anchor New Approaches Reinforce steps taken Articulate connections between new behaviors and success

People know they’re appreciated:

People know they’re appreciated Reality: They usually don’t. Take a minute and say thank you. Provide an award Send flowers Make it personal Encourage, encourage, encourage

Changing Intermediaries:

Changing Intermediaries

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