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Biryani On Wheels is premier for Halal Sizzling Chicken Biryani. Get McMaster Indian Food in Hamilton Ontario. We serve the Halal Indian Food in Hamilton Ontario.


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Biryani on Wheels - Discovering the authentic Indian Food in Hamilton How is Indian food different from the rest of the world Indian food is always unique in taste as well as by the way they are cooked. Each region has its own style of cooking and the food also differs. It is mainly popular because of the variety of spice used which makes it unique. Also each spice has some nutritional and medicinal benefits. And each of the spices adds a different flavor to the food. That is how Indian food is always different which maintains not only the rich taste but also healthy.

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Different varieties of Indian food: There is no typical Indian food since each place has its own unique food. The north Indian food has more Mughal influence. For example dairy products will be used regularly in north Indian dishes and wheat is also mainly used in north India. When it comes to west fish and coconut will be mainly used. In the east Bengali food and sweets are famous. When it comes to south Indian food many varieties like rice idli puttu fish poori rasam sambhar etc are famous. Grated coconut or coconut oil adds essence and rich aroma to the south Indian food. Home-made spices are used mainly here which makes them different from others. South Indian food is also famous for non-vegetarian food where fish mutton and chicken are the main ingredients. From chicken many varieties are made in which sizzling chicken biryani rules everyone’s taste and mind. Why biryani Biryani is famous food in India made out of basmati rice a rich combination of spices marinated with meat and vegetables. In biryani

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Copyright 2017 © Biryani On Wheels Inc. All Rights Reserved also 49 varieties are there like chicken biryani mutton biryani prawn biryani fish biryani mixed veg biryani etc. Among all the chicken biryani is most liked by all. It is a truly authentic and classic dish with the right amount of spices and with right contingency. Sizzling chicken biryani It is a mouth-watering dish which is famous in south India. It is also one of the iconic dishes of Indian food Hamilton. It shows the versatility of spices used in it. It is a truly gorgeous dish with creamy rich browned and marinated chicken pieces with contrasting tastes and textures of basmati rice with saffron. If you are looking for a finest Indian food restaurant you can go to Indian Food in Hamilton Indian Food Hamilton Ontario or Hamilton Halal Food where you can find delicious mouth watering Indian food. They are prepared by experienced chefs using traditional cooking methods. For detailed varieties and availability please visit and enjoy eating with your families and friends with a can of coca-cola.

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