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Biryani On Wheels is premier for Halal Sizzling Chicken Biryani. Get McMaster Indian Food in Hamilton Ontario. We serve the Halal Indian Food in Hamilton Ontario.


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Chicken Biryani – Biryani on Wheels Hamilton Ontario Speaking about chicken biryani the great author Khalid Aziz says “When the great Mogul emperors wanted to put on a really lavish feast great plates of Biryani sometimes requiring two people to carry them would be the centerpiece of the feast.” Biryani is among the most popular Indian dish which is historically kept for special events such as parties weddings holidays. However with Biryani on Wheels delivering it now to McMaster University students can enjoy the biryani at any time and without any special occasion. To describe biryani more elaborately it is a food that has great liking and specially the Mughals have a great liking for food the availability of the great choice of spices in India leads to exotic fusion type preparation. Traditionally Biryani means fragrant rice dish put together with chicken halal prepared from a mix of Spices Nuts Cream Yogurt long-grained Basmati rice and chicken. Indian Food Chicken Biryani is an example of fine culinary cuisine and known for its cooking with perfection. Since the rice is fried in oil or ghee before cooking the dish has derived its name from the Farsi word Birian which is frying of the rice in oil before washing. The procedure of rice frying makes the rice slightly nutty and it imparts a pleasant taste.

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Gradually this well-liked dish has started leaving its footprint in almost all the world cuisines and the popularity of chicken biryani is always dominant in the global cuisines and various modern cooking styles are incorporated to make the recipe more palatable. Biryani on Wheels’ biryani encompasses spices and more spices and a fragrance that will lift your spirit up which is the essence of Indian food. The diversity of Indian culture shows in the cuisine of chicken biryani. The biryani has become a popular Indian food the world over from years and this purely non-vegetarian recipe is mastered by the chefs located in different parts of the world and passed down to the next generations. Finger-licious is an understatement for the hot and spicy basmati chicken halal biryani which can be had with accompaniments such as Raita and papad. Chicken biryani is a food connoisseurs dream come true especially if you are fond of Indian food In order to satisfy taste buds of chicken biryani loving students at McMaster University area Biryani on Wheels has introduced halal sizzling chicken biryani delivered to McMaster University. The team at Biryani on Wheels cooks the chicken biryani with the authentic spices maintaining original aroma of biryani and serving the halal sizzling biryani to food lovers at McMaster University area

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