Health Care Tips For Your Pet Sugar Glider

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Health Care Tips For Your Pet Sugar Glider Sugar gliders make an excellent pet. These cute little pets love care and attention and they are very cuddly. Sugar gliders are those pets which are an option when you do not want a dog or a cat but you would want to have a pet anyway. Insects and tarantula are not wanted at all times. Sugar gliders come handy in that case. New Guinea Indonesia and Australia are the three places where sugar gliders are found most. They are so small and just come in a single hand. These pets are faced with very less health problems and they are playful and active at all times. They live up to around 14 years in good health. Can Sugar gliders be considered as a good pet Sugar gliders are low cost maintenance animals as they do not need many items for their grooming. They require similar care as cats. The one thing that sugars gliders are fond of are their habitats and you need to keep it clean at all times. They are a great company and best friend to be with. These shouldn’t be left alone and they love living in colonies. Gliders want a companion to stay with at all times. Males are aggressive and females are territorial ones who love to stay in groups and pairs. These are exotic animals which is not legal to buy in every state and rare in America. Sugar Glider considered as Playful Pets These are intelligent creatures and love to play. They are friendly with people and remain active all throughout the day. They fit easily inside pockets and become all cuddly. They can glide easily on surfaces and from horizontal to vertical they can jump run and almost fly at the same time. Things to feed sugar gliders Vegetables fruits and other food stuffs such as scrambled eggs yogurt and nuts are essential as diet for sugar gliders. They are always in need of fresh water and feeding stations are many. Habitats preferred for sugar gliders

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The habitats of sugar gliders should measure 20 by 20 by 36 inches which and it should be like a bird cage or simply an enclosure which is multi leveled. Sugar gliders have a habit of moving around frequently because of which they need larger space for their stay. Their habitats should be kept in direct sunlight and it should be kept at an elevated space. You have to create a cozy atmosphere for your sugar gliders with the help of any boxes or bard. There should be things like swings and tunnels inside the habitat of sugar gliders and they enjoy these and are toys for them. There are so many options which you can choose to give your gliders a good place to sleep. May it be a tree hollow or a nesting box of a bird they love anything comfortable. The sleeping pouch should be extremely soft so that they can enjoy it fully. If youre looking for more information on veterinary clinic and pet care read .

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