How To Make Your Carpet Rabbit Proof And Rabbit Friendly

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How To Make Your Carpet Rabbit Proof And Rabbit Friendly Rabbits have the instinctive behavior of digging tugging up or chewing carpets or other surface flooring. There can be various reasons behind this annoying habit of our feathered bunny but one thing is for sure- spoiled and bitten carpet not only turns a room less appealing but also the sight of always calling out on bunnies to stop the act is also very frustrating. Many pet owners complain of spending huge amount of money reconstructing furniture or carpet due these irritating habits of exotic bunnies. But these naughty pets do not just stop here. A baby bunny which is not yet trained to poop at a proper place often ends up littering on all over the carpet and every hook and corner of the place. The waste stuff and litters left on these carpets leave marks and stains making it appear all unaesthetic and unattractive. This brings the financial burden of repairing all the time. However there are few sure shot tricks which upon implementation can bring a great deal of relaxation to your and for your bunny.  Use of ceramic tiles: There must be few areas on the carpet that are prime focus of damage by bunnies. It is usually because they have been chewed upon earlier too and your bunny can easily locate the place when roaming freely. Placing a ceramic tile will cover such places and tug down the loose edges as well. In long term your bunny will forget about the spot and stop playing in that area.

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 Towel: Some rabbits have the natural instinctive behavior to pull up soft materials for nesting purpose. In that case give your bunny a towel to play with. He will be busy in arranging it and thus keeping away from causing trouble.  Digging alternative - Box full of paper: As we know digging is a very natural behavior of exotic rabbits. If your bunny is too into creating mess provide him an easy alternative digging option. Take a cardboard box and fill it will papers and pet friendly toys. The rabbit will be busy digging into it and playing with it.  Provision of acceptable chewing alternatives: Sometimes rabbits chew things to wear down their extra long teeth that constantly grow throughout their life. In that scenario you can offer it some items that are safe for chewing. This will not only stop him from damaging carpets and other materials but also keep him busy without causing mess.  Occasional dry cleaning: If your find a litter or rabbit food on the carpet sweep it right away before it causes a stain. If it has got a stain call a professional dry cleaner to clean it. They will help you restore the carpet in its original state without costing huge.  Even out the sharp edges: Check the edges of the carpet which sometimes get torn or turn up. These sharp edges can easily hurt your exotic bunny. Make sure you tug the edges tightly to the floor.  Rooms without carpet: At last a rabbit owner can always have one or two room without carpets where he can safely reside his rabbit. Especially for a baby rabbit a room without a carpet is a fair idea.

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With time your bunny will get trained and would not cause damage to the carpet or other flooring stuff. If you want more detail then must visit on our website Or call us on 516-482-1101.

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